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Skills Competed at Russian Championships

February 27, 2011

I doubt we will ever see videos of this competition, but there is a little bit of information about what skills some gymnasts competed in an article from International Gymnast Magazine and on a Russian Forum.

Viktoria Komova apparently attempted her flip flop, layout stepout, tucked Arabian combination today, which is presumably what she fell on. I wonder if she attempted it and landed it in team finals, where she scored 15+.

Anna Pavlova tumbled a double layout on floor for what I believe is the first time since her injury in late 2008. It’s nice to hear that she’s gotten some of her power back. It is worrisome, however, that she attempted a triple twist beam dismount, which according to the Russian Forum was only about a 2.75 twist. That can’t be good for her knee.

It also sounds like Anna Dementyeva competed a switch ring on beam, a skill that she first attempted at a world cup in November. On floor where she scored 15.1 during the all around, she apparently had no low landings (I’ll believe it when I see it) and was given a standing ovation as she left the podium.

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