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Toyota Cup Day 2

December 12, 2010

Aliya Mustafina was the most successful gymnast today at the Toyota Cup, finishing second on beam and tying for the gold on floor. What’s great about her is that she seems to be trying to change her weakest apparatus into one of her strongest, or at least make it equal. She scored a 15.15 here, which I believe is her top score on beam of the year, at least internationally. World floor champion Lauren Mitchell chose not to compete that apparatus, but one the beam competition. Sui Lu tied with Mustafina for the gold on floor and won the bronze on beam. Her teammate Jiang Yuyuan won the bronze on floor.

The entire beam competition besides the girls who made the podium had at least one fall. This could hurt Deng Linlin and Anna Dementyeva, who will pretty much be just beam specialists for their teams next year. This specific competition may not be an issue, but since they are only very useful on one apparatus, continued inconsistencies won’t help their bid not make worlds teams. Floor seemed to be a bit of a better final, with 7 of the 11 finalists recording a score over 13.0.

For full results, click here.

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