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Who is going to make it? – Balance Beam

July 23, 2012

Credits to Getty Images

The third part of our “Who is going to make it?” series is about the balance beam possible finalists! I think this is the hardest one to guess out of all the event finals. There are many great girls and it will depend on who does it best on qualifications. I will try to make it quick this time, since there are so many girls:

The Romanians:

They are beam royalty and I would bet a lot of money that we will see two of them on beam finals. The most probable duo is Iordache+Ponor, but if one of them has a big mistake on prelims (I doubt it!), Bulimar comes right behind. Iordache is the European silver medalist on beam and since then has shown upgrades. Ponor took the gold medal at Euros this year, but has come second to Iordache in later competitions. Bulimar is great on beam as well and if it weren’t for the 2-per-contry rule, she could be on this final too. Only, in this case, she is unlucky to have Larisa and Catalina as her teammates 😉

Larisa Iordache – Difficulty: 6,8

Catalina Ponor – Difficulty: 6,5

Diana Bulimar – Difficulty: 6,2

The Chinese:

They have gorgeous lines on beam, but sometimes can be a little inconsistent. Sui Lu is the World beam champion and is pretty much a shoe-in on finals, but the second spot is a little bit of a question mark, since both Deng Linlin and Yao Jinnan (silver world medalist) have really strong exercises with a lot of difficulty. Let’s see who makes it through!

Lu Sui – Difficulty: 6,5

Linlin Deng – Difficulty: 6,5

Jinnan Yao – Difficulty: 6,4

The Americans:

As far as the USA girls go, Raisman is the National champion on beam and has her place in finals pretty much locked. Wieber (bronze world medalist) is probably going to take the second one, but her difficulty score might be lowered for the Games, so Ross is getting really close on this one, with her very nice execution score.

Alexandra Raisman – Difficulty: 6,5

Jordyn Wieber – Difficulty: 6,4

Kyla Ross – Difficulty: 6,0

The Russians:

Balance beam is one of the weakest events for Russia right now, only due to their inconsistencies. All the girls have had big mistakes in competitions this year, although when they hit it, they do a very beautiful job with some nice choreography. Komova probably has the biggest chance of making finals, but Mustafina and Grishina (who made bb finals at Euros this year) also have very similar d-scores.

Viktoria Komova – Difficulty: 6,3

Anastasia Grishina – Difficulty: 6,3

Aliya Mustafina – Difficulty: 6,1

Other Beam Stars:

Lauren Mitchell – 2012 Australian champion on beam. Difficulty: 6,5

Vasiliki Millousi – seventh place on 2012 Euros. Difficulty: 6,1

Carlotta Ferlito – 2012 Italian beam champion. Difficulty: 6,1

Ashleigh Brennan – 2012 Australian AA champion has put on some big scores on beam as well. Difficulty: 6,1

Hannah Whelan – bronze medalist at 2012 Euros. Difficulty: 6,0

Youna Dufournet – fifth place on 2012 Euros. Difficulty: 5,8

Valeria Maksyuta – eighth place on 2012 Euros. Difficulty: 5,8

Daniele Hypolito – footage of Hipolyto training a 6.7 routine has put her in the bb picture too. Difficulty: Possibly 6,7


Who do you think are going to be the top 8 gymnasts to make the balance beam finals? What is your dream podium? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Cecile permalink
    July 23, 2012 7:46 PM

    My top 8:
    Ponor (Can’t believe she is not yet a World champion!! :O)
    Sui Lu
    Deng Linlin (Yao Jinnan if one of them messes up… Team China are going to the Games with 2 World champ and a silver medalist on this event!)
    Mustafina (Komova if one of them messes up…)

    This group here has and an Olympic gold medal, 2 World gold medals, 3 World silver medals, 4 European gold medals, 2 European silver medals…. Let’s just say I’m confused. ^^

  2. christina permalink
    July 24, 2012 8:49 AM

    My dream beam finals were:
    Tan Sixin
    Peng Peng Lee

    since it can’t happen I’ll go with
    Presioza (I know long shot but I just love her)
    let’s put an american there too, I’ll go with Ross

  3. July 27, 2012 9:34 AM

    Beam d-scores have gone up, Aliya has 6.4, Cata has 6.7, Vika and Grishina’s have gone up too. Taking Iordache will full difficulty I see:


    with Iordache and Ponor gold and silver..bronze being a battle between Lu, Linlin and Mustafina.


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