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2011 World Champions- Then and Now

January 26, 2012

Get ready for the cuteness. Here are the oldest videos that I can find on youtube of our 2011 individual world champions. They are between the ages of 11 and 14 in the videos.

Jordyn Wieber all around, 2006 (10/11 years old)- The most adorable and the youngest of the bunch (to be fair, it’s easier to be adorable on floor than it is on vault, bars or beam). You can clearly see her talent- what kind of 11 year old competes a full twisting double layout dismout, a full in on floor and gets 9+ execution scores on beam two days in a row?
Bart Conner: “She hopes to continue gymnastics to the international level, someday dreams of being in the Olympics and she also wants to go to college and compete perhaps in Michigan for Michigan or Michigan State. She’s just ten.”
Shannon Miller: “She’s just ten. She’s got a lot of goals, a lot of big dreams, and the great thing about gymnastics is she can probably follow both of those dreams at the same time, especially with the way you can do special events these days and just compete vault or just compete floor and still do college gymnastics.”
Well, Jordyn has already accomplished one of those dreams, and is well on her way to accomplishing the second. The third won’t be happening, but I think she’s okay with that!


Winning her world all around title in 2011


McKayla Maroney on vault, 2008 (12 years old)- Maroney only performed a full twisting yurchenko here, but look at that crazy height! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much height on a yurchenko full. It’s amazing that she went from a full to an Amanar in a year, but it’s not shocking after seeing this.


Winning her world vault title in 2011


Viktoria Komova on bars, 2007 (12 years old)- This is actually a kind of weird routine for her. A lot of the skills are the same, including the piked stalders (obviously!), the jaeger, the tkachev, the pak and even our least favorite giant 1/2. Surprisingly, though, she competes a gienger, which looks relatively straight and clean (but blurry) and a double layout dismount. The double layout, at least the way she was doing it, never would work with her height now, but the rest does show a lot of promise.


Winning her world bars title in 2011


Sui Lu on beam, 2006 (14 years old)- Almost the same exact routine that she is competing now, with her trademark stability and barani. Impressive performance. I think her dismount here was better than it is now! Lots of height.


Winning her world beam title in 2011


Ksenia Afanasyeva on floor, 2005 (13 years old)- Afanasyeva has clearly matured as a performer, but you can see here that she already has a lot of dance training. She is up on her toes a lot, and hits some really beautiful positions. I kind of like the double twisting tuck jump connected to the double stag jump. I wish the code rewarded stag ring leaps.


Winning her world floor title in 2011

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 27, 2012 5:28 PM

    a comment on mckayla’s vault.. it’s no wonder she could go to a 2.5 twist in just a year. that reminds of shannon miller’s in ’92 worlds, but with 10x more height. it’s amazing how well she can block off the vault..

  2. January 29, 2012 7:16 PM

    i agree. her vault was crazy high! i really liked afan’s leap series and agree with you about the stag/ring – if a double stag can count, i feel like a stag ring should count especially since it requires more flexibility and control. jordyn’s old beam and floor choreography is hilarious. they really have changed her routines around to fit her body in a way that’s still attractive. i love her current floor routine.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    February 14, 2012 4:37 PM

    I assume they all won those competitions as kids !!!

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