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Some Thoughts on Day One of Prelims

October 2, 2013

Kyla Ross (photo: USA gymnastics)

The stars of today were Kyla Ross during the first subdivision and Yao Jinnan during the second subdivision. Kyla got through 4 of her cleanest routines of the year and is looking to be in a position to make two if not three event finals as well as the all around. Floor may be a stretch, but she is second currently and if one of her teammates makes a mistake, it seems possible. She is also first in the all around and second on beam and bars. Yao, meanwhile, had a slightly shakier competition, in particular on beam where she fell. Currently, however, she may still make beam finals and is in first on bars. Her all around total is a little more than a point lower than Kyla’s, but that is with Kyla doing pretty much all that she can and a significant mistake from Yao. They could be close in finals.

Jessica Lopez is currently in 3rd, but almost 3 points below Yao. She performed a great double twisting yurchenko, but had to count a fall in her difficult bars set, and will likely not move on to finals. A realistic goal for her would be top 10, maybe even 8 all around. In fourth is Anna Rodionova, who is also currently 2nd on beam. She had some mistakes today, and will have to wait for Nabieva to compete (or not to compete) to see if she will compete in all around finals. Other well known all arounders who competed today include Rebecca Tunney (5th with a few mistakes) and Elisabeth Seitz (7th).

2008 Olympic vault champion Hong un Jong leads there with an Amanar and a Cheng. It will be interesting to see the American’s scores compared to hers today. Either way, vault finals are shaping up to be interesting. Another surprise (likely) qualifier to vault finals may be Mai Murakami, in second with a DTY and tsuk full. Mai also holds the top spot on floor, and performed a fantastic routine today. Chinese bars specialist Huang Huidan currently sits in 2nd on the event with a 15.133. With Yao in first, however, she has to hope that Shang does not outscore her tomorrow!

Unfortunately, we saw the likely end of event final hopes for some great gymnasts today. Those included Ida Gustafsson, who caught a gorgeous Def on bars (she can hopefully redeem herself in the all around) and Zeng Siqi and Sanne Wevers on beam.

And on to tomorrow, here’s a list of gymnasts competing tomorrow who I believe can challenge for EF or top 10ish all around spots:

Subdivision 3
Noel Van Klaveren-
Tatiana Nabieva-
all around, bars
Simone Biles-
all of them!
Carlotta Ferlito-
Shang Chunsong-
all around, bars, beam, floor
Phan Thi Ha Thanh-
Subdivision 4
Larisa Iordache-  
all around, beam, floor
Vanessa Ferrari-
all around, floor
Aliya Mustafina-
all of them! (less likely than Simone though)
Ellie Black-
Ruby Harrold-
McKayla Maroney-
all around (has to beat a teammate), vault, floor
Subdivision 5
Yamilet Peña-
vault (with the terrifying Produnova)
Vasiliki Millousi-
Giulia Steingruber-
all around, vault, floor
Asuka Teramoto-
all around, bars, beam
Sandra Izbasa-
Victoria Moors-
Becky Downie- 

I am sure that some of this is wishful thinking, but it gives you some idea who is still to come. I am also looking forward to seeing new seniors Noemi Makra and Ilaria Kaeslin, although I think their chances at finals are slim.

A live stream for US viewers starts at 7:30 AM EDT on the USAG youtube page. They will be streaming both subdivision three and four. This link can be used for live scoring, although I have heard that it is unreliable. You can also download the swiss timing java app here.

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