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Favorite Routines from All-Around Competition!

August 3, 2012

Credits: Getty Images


I asked yesterday on twitter about your favorite routines from AA finals. Here are the most mentioned:

– Gabby’s beam: after so much trouble this apparatus has given Gabby in the past, it is just so awesome to see her nail all of her beam routines so far in London. Yesterday was no different and many people agree it was one of the best routines from AA competition.

– Mustafina’s bars: What an excellent routine that was: the gorgeous lines, the flying releases, the perfect handstands and the dismount that is named after her. This amazing combination gave her the top score on uneven bars: a huge 16.100!

– Komova’s floor: She gave her all into that performance, with beautiful choreography and great landings on her tumbling passes. I was probably her best floor routine ever and an amazing way to wrap-up the competition.


I absolutely agree with your favorite routines, but I would like to add some more that weren’t so talked about:

– Vanessa Ferrari’s floor: she isn’t known to be the most gracious of the gymnasts, but it was so beautiful to watch her giving her all into that floor exercise yesterday! Her choreography was very well executed and we could see her feeling the music and enjoying every second of it. Her tumbling was also great as always.

– Deng Linlin’s beam: after falling on team finals, yesterday she showed us what she is capable of, giving us a nearly perfect balance beam routine. I really love her tumbling sequence and her beautiful lines.

– Sandra Izbasa’s vault: it seems that everytime she performs the Mustafina, she manages to do it better. Actually, I was very impressed with Sandra’s performance in general. Who was expecting her to come in fifth in the all-around? Such a fighter and an amazing gymnast!


Are there other routines you loved to watch in the All-around competition?

Leave it in the comments below!

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