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Top 3 and Bottom 3 – Olympic Qualifications! (+ 3 wishes for TF!)

July 30, 2012

Credits to: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It was a very nerve-racking competition and a lot already has been said about everything that happened, but here is my quick analysis of the Olympic Qualifications. Based on my personal opinion, I chose the Top 3 and Bottom 3 moments of the day, as well as 3 wishes for the upcoming team finals:


– Canada making team finals: I think this is such a cool and hard-working team and I was really happy when the girls made it to team finals, especially with Honorary Captain Peng Peng cheering them on!

– No meltdown for the Russians: We know, although a very talented team, Russia is not the most consistent one, so I was very glad to see all the girls doing a great job and qualifying for various finals!

– Aly Raisman qualifies as top American All-Arounder: she is one of the most hard-working girls out there and has been in the “almost-position” since she emerged onto the Senior scene, in 2010. She always gives her all to the team, but when it comes to her individual successes, she ends up in the shadows of the other girls. It melted my heart to see her reaction when Mihai told her she made it and I was sooooo happy for her to finally have her moment!

(About this Aly situation, I also would like to point out that I was very angry/disappointed with some people who didn’t hesitate to start bashing Raisman after she outscored Jo and Gab. I understand that each person may prefer one or other gymnast, but it doesn’t give you the right to start making horrible comments about the girl who beat them. Aly is an amazing gymnast and is, after all, the National Champion on beam and floor. Why is it so hard to accept that if she has a clean vault and hits her bars routine, she can be the best AA in the USA too?)


– Brazil doesn’t make it to any finals at all: I knew they had no chance of advancing to team finals, but not having any of the girls representing on the aa or event finals was still really sad to see. Bruna Leal and Daniele Hypolito could have made it to aa, if they had hit their routines and, although it was a long shot, maybe even Dos Santos could have gone into fx finals, but her energetic performance and her hard tumbling passes weren’t enough this time 😦

– Injuries keep Iordache and Yao from doing their best: two of the top girls for London were plagued by recent injuries and weren’t able to deliver what they are really capable of. After many mistakes, Larisa only made the aa finals and Jinnan only qualified on bars. It is hard to think that they could do so much more if it weren’t for bad timed injuries.

– Jordyn is out of AA finals: At the same time that I was so happy for Gabby and Aly, one can’t help but wish Jordyn could be there too. She is the world champion after all, but unfortunately was outperformed by her teammates. I will not get into the 2-per-country discussion here, because although I don’t agree with the rule, it has been around for a long time and many great gymnasts have suffered with it as well. The thing with Jo was that no one was expecting that to happen, that’s why it was such a controversial matter. We have to admire the class she had with handling the whole thing though. True champ!


– I want the girls to hit: No matter what team we are talking about, I just want to see everyone doing their best and hitting their routines. I know it sounds cliche, but if everyone is able to do their best, then the best of the best can actually win. It is just really upsetting to see that one team’s result was compromised because a gymnast had an uncharacteristic mistake.

– I want Gabby to stay on the beam: Since she is going to compete balance beam instead of Jordyn, I just want her to keep calm and do a nice routine for the team. She has an inconsistent history on this apparatus, but I believe she can do as well as she did in prelims and help USA in a great way!

– I want to see safe vaults: The whole vault-obsession that the top teams are having is really scary, especially when you think how dangerous competing a move you don’t master can be. I just hope that we don’t see crazy Amanars that might kill the girls’ knees only to see a score a couple tenths higher than a beautiful and well done DTY.

What about you? What are your Top 3, Bottom 3 and 3 Wishes?

Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Louise permalink
    July 30, 2012 5:56 PM

    Thank you for your comment about Aly. Well said!

  2. July 30, 2012 8:24 PM

    They’re putting Gabby on beam for TF? Wow. I love Gabby, but I’m scared for her. Hope she stays on for the rest of the Olympics!

    I agree with all of your wishes, and I definitely hope for safe vaults! Hear that Aliya? Safe vaults!

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