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Olympic Qualifications: Some names we shoud also be talking about!

July 30, 2012

Credits: Reuters

After such a mixture of emotions we experienced during the Women’s Qualifications, so much has already been discussed, but at the same time, so much has not been mentioned. It’s time to take a look at some names that, in my opinion, haven’t gotten the attention they deserve:

– Deng Linlin

After helping her team win gold in Beijing, we had almost forgotten about the tiny little gymnast that stuck her vault at team finals. Her way of saying “I’m still here!” was by taking the gold on balance beam on 2009 Worlds and then silver on 2010 Worlds. On 2011, we kind of forgot about Deng again, just to have her come back and become the Chinese all-around champion this year! Even so, she was not counted as top 2 AA for China in London, having Yao and Huang as the ones to beat.

While we are all so distracted by other gymnasts, Deng seems to always manage to quietly do her job and surprise us! At her second Olympics, she stepped up when her teammates were a little shaky and gave the most consistent performance out of the Chinese team, sneaking into the top AA group and also qualifying as fourth to bb finals! I was very happy and impressed to see her getting the job done and I can’t wait to see how she through the rest of the competition!

– Aliya Mustafina

I have to admit I was very worried about Mustafina’s performance on prelims. After having a hard time at Euros and failing to qualify to any event finals, I was concerned she might do the same thing in London. I am so glad to say I was very wrong! Although not perfect, her routines were all solid and well executed.

Her DTY was very nice, her bars were amazing earning the, her beam, besides some wobbles, was good and I love her floor, despite the creepy music (her tumbling passes seemed way more consistent too). She had the highest AA score without an Amanar (and I hope she sticks to the DTYs from now on too) and also managed to qualify to two event finals (bars and floor!!). Not bad from someone who suffered a career-ending injury last year. I hope she can keep it up and have a great competition!

– Koko Tsurumi

In an incredily deep field of bar workers, Tsurumi did an awesome routine and guaranteed the last spot at uneven bars finals! She also helped Japan advance to team finals, with her scores on bars and vault. Even though she didn’t compete all-around, Koko did such a great job and should also be recognized!

– Vanessa Ferrari

She seems to be an example of the kind of gymnasts who just get better with time. Her maturity has only helped her improve the execution on her exercises, still keeping  up the high difficulty.

Ferrari also made the top AA group, helped Italy move on to team finals and qualified in third to floor finals! How amazing is that to the girl who was World AA-champion in 2006?!

What other gymnasts do you think were not recognized enough after Prelims?

Leave a comment below and let’s make justice 😉

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  1. August 2, 2012 6:52 AM

    I like this blog very much, keep up the good work 😉

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