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2012 WOGA Classic- Results, Videos and Analysis

February 19, 2012

Senior Results

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All Around
1 Mackenzie Brannan 14.050 14.000 13.600 13.250 54.900
2 Krystyna Sankova 13.550 12.400 14.100 12.050 52.100
3 Claire Hammen 13.600 13.050 11.900 12.700 11.750 63.000
4 Leslie Delgado 13.100 12.850 11.150 10.000 11.250 58.350
5 Briley Casanova 13.900 0.000 12.550 13.500 39.950
6 Hayley Sanders 0.000 13.900 0.000 0.000 13.900
7 Rebecca Bross 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 0.000

Only four gymnasts competed all around in the senior competition, and only two scored above 50, so the all around results here don’t mean much. Still, congratulations to Mackenzie Brannan, who has been an elite for years and has been steadily improving. Her gymnastics is very clean, but it won’t be enough to make an Olympic team. Depending on who retires post-London, she may be able to make a national team before college.

Sankova semi-justified the decision to send Kysla and Kononenko to the test event. Her score was in between theirs from the test event, and certainly was not remarkable. She had a pretty beam routine, but she needs to learn how to hit routines. She is a typical Ukrainian. Enough said.

Briley Casanova performed a new double layout on floor, and should be able to make it to VISAs this year with a hit bars and beam routines. The national team seems out of reach, but she will do well at Michigan.

Rebecca Bross, obviously, was the big story at the competition. It appears that her routines were only exhibitions, but they still showed that she is 100% in the mix this year. She fell on both events, but showed full difficulty. The fall on the toe-on Khorkina seemed like a little bit of a fluke. The same can not be said for the fall on the Patterson, which she has not landed in competition since world event finals in 2010. They should seriously consider replacing it with a double tuck. If Rebecca is competing well, I don’t think that there is any way that she will not make that Olympic team. Her bars are the best that the US has to offer right now, hands down. Her handstands are always a .1 deduction or less. The same cannot be said for anyone else in the world, even Komova. Her beam may seem inconsistent, but she is a fighter. She is also valuable on floor. Better than Maroney, and she has beaten Raisman multiple times in the past. We’ll see. I really hope that she makes it, despite feeling indifferent about her in 2009.

Junior Results

Name Vault Bars Beam Floor All Around
1 Katelyn Ohashi 14.450 13.500 15.700 13.750 57.400
2 Madison Kocian 14.000 15.100 14.050 13.400 56.550
3 Simone Biles 16.150 11.350 14.000 13.850 55.350
4 Peyton Ernst 14.600 12.150 14.500 12.050 53.300
5 Polina Shchennikova 13.500 13.350 13.400 12.700 52.950
6 Olena Vasylieva 12.850 14.200 10.700 12.050 49.800
7 Macy Toronjo 12.900 0.000 12.350 12.900 38.150
8 Nica Hults 0.000 14.000 0.000 0.000 14.000

Katelyn Ohashi easily won the junior competition, but it was nowhere near perfect for the current US junior national champion. She fell on bars, and on floor, the judges probably downgraded all of her D dance elements, as well as the front double full, taking her difficulty score down from 6.0 to 5.4. Her beam was obviously spectacular. She wants an Amanar, but I don’t see it happening, at least not this year.

Madison Kocian competed for the first time since Jesolo last year. She looks great on bars, good on beam, and okay on vault and floor. She seems to have grown a lot since 2011, which makes her look pretty on bars but could be the reason for watered down vault and floor. Overall, it looks like she will be in contention for some medals at nationals this year.

Simone Biles was in many ways the star of this competition. She just missed out on the national team last year, and has since improved on vault, beam and floor. She competed her Amanar here, earning a gigantic 16.15, and also won floor with absolutely gorgeous tumbling. Bars is still a huge weakness for her. I really hope that she can put together a decent, Aly Raisman-esque routine (yeah, it probably isn’t good when the goal is Raisman-esque bars), because her other events show loads of potential.

Peyton Ernst had a great competition on vault, where she debuted a double twisting yurchenko, and beam, finishing second on both events. She has been to two VISA championships so far, but she has never made the national team. She could do it this year- with hit bars and floor routines, she can score close to Biles due to her weak bars.

Polina Shchennikova, who reminds everyone of Nastia, had an okay competition. She has beautiful presentation and form, but it remains to be seen if she can develop the power, difficulty and consistency to compete with the top gymnasts in the country. I think that there is a chance. Her bars have improved a great deal (she would have scored in the mid 14s without a fall), and she looked steadier on beam than she has in the past.

Vasylieva is also the typical Ukrainian. She hit one event, bars. She should be at junior europeans this year, and she should be fighting for the bars title with the Russians mainly due to her 6.2 difficulty score.

The other athletes from Texas Dreams, Macy Toronjo and Nica Hults, did not compete all around. Toronjo really needs to improve those scores if she wants to make nationals this year. Hults, meanwhile, showed that she is capable of a 14 on more than one event. I bet she wished that she had scored a 14 instead of a 9.85 on bars at the qualifier earlier in the day, which would have easily qualified her to classics, but oh well.

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