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2011 Mexican Open- Quick Hits

December 10, 2011

Results after day 1:
1. Ksenia Afanasyeva 28.850
2. Christine (Peng Peng) Lee 27.95
3. Mai Yamagishi 27.35
4. Emily Little
5. Yessenia Estrada 26.6
6. Catalina Escobar
7. Mikaela Gerber

Yamagishi, Beam
Switch Ring (stuck), front tuck off one foot, side somi, split jumps, aerial bhs loso, L turn, switch leap back tuck, korbut, ro double pike

Lee, Beam
3 flairs to start! double turn-full turn, switch leap-side aerial (wobble), bhs loso, front tuck, barani (wobble), illusion (big wobble), split jumps, ro 2/1

Afanasyeva, Beam
side aerial to two feet, aerial bhs back pike, leap with full turn, switch leap split jump, L turn-full turn, onodi, side somi (should have bene connected, I think), ro-double pike (low and step forward)
Best beam I’ve seen from her in awhile, just one little wobble and the low chest on the double pike. Smart to take out the Arabian for this meet!

Estrada, Beam
I remember liking this routine at pan ams. double wolf turn (wobble), switch leap-back pike (wobble), split jump wolf jump, front aerial-back tuck, side aerial (huge wobble and falls), side somi, switch leap with 1/2 turn, front tuck (looked cowboyed), ro-double pike (many steps back, but saves it)

Little, Beam

front tuck, wolf turn (well, she is Australian…), front aerial (small check) bhs loso, switch leap-back tuck, switch side, ro-double pike (stuck!)

Escobar, Beam
front tuck (small wobble), long pause before BHS loso (big wobble), jumps, switch leap-back tuck (wobble), full turn, forward roll (I like that!), switch side, long pause before back pike, front layout full with a big hop

Gerber, Beam
pretty press mount!, wolf turn (popular at this competition!), aerial-back pike, bhs loso, switch leap-back tuck (small wobble), jumps, side somi, bhs bhs double tuck (very cowboyed)
Much better for her today!

Lee, Floor
full in (nearly stuck), 1 1/2 through to double full, nice leap series, switch 1/2, triple turn, front layout full-stag jump, good stuck double pike, nice choreography throughout

Afanasyeva, Floor
whip-whip-bhs-triple, double tuck, sort of connected to a split jump, gorgeous double attitude turn!!, leap series, 1 1/2-1/1 (stuck), double L (not rotated), double pike (stuck) 14.9!!

Estrada, Floor
double front, 1 1/2+front layout+split jump, leap series, switch side 1/2, double tuck (large hop back OOB), switch leap 1/2 turn, short on double pike, big step forward

Yamagishi, Floor

stuck double tuck, 2 1/2 twist-stag jump, leap series, triple turn, 1 1/2-1/1, L turn, stuck double pike, throws her head back and arches her back


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Blake Smith permalink
    December 10, 2011 8:19 PM

    Scores for the ones you left blank 🙂

    Emily Little: 27.300

    Catalina Escobar: 25.150

    Mikaela Dawn Gerber: 24.200

  2. Blake permalink
    December 10, 2011 8:54 PM

    Your Welcome!! Do you have scores from tonight??

    • December 10, 2011 9:43 PM

      I haven’t been copying them down, sorry! I’ll try to make a list when I upload the videos (they might show up in the footage)

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