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Beam Finals Part 2: Discussing Downgrades

November 23, 2011

Click here to read part 1 of the series: Calculating the Difficulty.

Alexandra Raisman

Possible downgrades:

  • Tour Jete 1/1
  • Switch Leap 1/2
  • Also maybe the front pike combo, but I don’t think that it was that

Lost a total of .1 due to a downgrade.

This is the switch leap 1/2. I think that the split was fine (I used slow motion for this capture).

The rotation was not good.

However, if they said that the leap was under-rotated, it would be credited as a normal switch leap. She would not get D credit for the leap, and she would not get connection bonus for the other switch leap combo. Mystery almost solved: It can’t be this one!

Then, we have the second leap. That does not quite look like 180 degrees to me, but it is also not 45 degrees off, and it would only be downgraded for lack of split if that was the case.

And that is why I am guessing that they downgraded her first leap due to lack of rotation!

Yulia Inshina

Possible Downgrades:

  • Sheep jump
  • Switch Ring

Here’s the sheep jump. I see head release. I see an open ring. I see upper back arch. But when crediting sheep jumps, the lowest foot is referenced…

And then, we have the switch ring. Her switch ring is kind of odd, because she does show a very nice ring shape… after her leg has dropped below horizontal.

You can clearly see in the second shot that the ring shape is nicer, but the front leg is below horizontal. I started off thinking that the judges downgraded the switch ring, but now I’m leaning towards the sheep jump. That back leg is definitely above her shoulders, and her leg definitely is parallel to the beam. In fact, maybe it is just angle that makes me think that the ring position is better in the second shot. She is tilted forwards, so the leg looks higher. That makes sense. The first shot looks good enough for credit, technically.

And then, we get to Ponor. The only explanation is that she did not rotate the switch leap 1/2. The split was nice, although her hips were not square.

But they took it away due to rotation. That also meant that she got no credit for the second switch leap, or the connection that she performed with it. Two A skills leads to a 5.7 difficulty score.

Let’s compare Raisman and Ponor’s leaps. one got credit, one didn’t.

A closer look

It looks pretty close. Honestly, I would downgrade both. Neither of them seem to have twisted completely. I guess I can see that Ponor’s back foot is more perpendicular to the beam than Raisman’s. Maybe that was what made the difference. The judges, obviously, would not compare side by side. I just thought that I would, because it is debatable.

I took the screenshots off of ‘s youtube videos.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Kayla permalink
    November 23, 2011 11:07 PM

    I would love for you to do this for the other events, it was so informative! Thanks for this.

  2. Chelsea permalink
    November 24, 2011 3:31 AM

    This is super cool. Please do it for bars too 🙂 Especially the Raisman vs Ponor comparison. I think it falls under dubious judging lol… they gave Raisman the “benefit of the doubt”. The difference in the back foot is quite minute, I’d downgrade both too… but probably because Ponor went earlier in the finals, judging is stricter then.

  3. ama permalink
    November 26, 2011 12:02 PM

    In the switch leap, the rotation is calculated by the position of the leading feet, which in Rasiman case is visible only at slow motion and with screen caps. You are comparing the position of the back foot but this is not what judges are looking at.
    Try looking in normal execution speed at Raisman’s leading foot. I wasn’t able to see any rotation although I have specifically looked for it.


  1. judge Worlds Beam Finals. — Gymnastics

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