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The London Test Event Qualifiers and Schedule

October 29, 2011

Official Website

Tickets (will go on sale November 17th)

Who is qualified? Look below to find out!

Invitations to compete will be sent by the FIG to a maximum of 109 gymnasts (assuming that there are no ties among the individual apparatus world champions and without counting the reserve gymnasts and the tripartite commission place) as follows:

– Up to eight teams of six gymnasts from NFs ranked 9–16 in the team ranking from Competition I of the 2011 World Championships (maximum 48 gymnasts). NFs with teams are entitled to include one reserve gymnast.

– Up to 16 individual gymnasts from NFs ranked 1–8 in the team ranking from Competition I of the 2011 World Championships (maximum two per NF). As additional participants, the results of these gymnasts at the Second Olympic Qualifier will not be considered towards qualification for London 2012.

– Up to four (assuming there are no ties) individual apparatus world champions (gold medallists from Competition III of the 2011 World Championships) if already qualified for London 2012. As additional participants, the results of these gymnasts at the Second Olympic Qualifier will not be considered towards qualification for London 2012.

– One host country gymnast (not nominative) if not participating via another criteria. As an additional participant, the results of this gymnast at the Second Olympic Qualifier will not be considered towards qualification for London 2012.

– A maximum of 40 further gymnasts as follows:

– Up to two gymnasts (not nominative) from NFs ranked 17–24 in the team ranking from Competition I of the 2011 World Championships.

– Up to one gymnast (not nominative) from a NF other than those ranked 1–24 in the team ranking from Competition I of the 2011 World Championships to participate as per the individual ranking from Competition I of the 2011 World Championships (all-around results).

That, of course, does not include the exact team or gymnasts. While the gymnasts have not yet been chosen, the all around has a list of qualifiers, according to the rules above.

Full Teams: Italy, France, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Brazil, Korea, Belgium
Individual Spots: Mexico (2), Switzerland (2), Ukraine (2), Hungary (2), Venezuela (2), Uzbekistan (2), Slovenia (2), Greece (2), Belarus, Israel, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Vietnam, Slovakia, Turkey, Portugal, Singapore, Finland, New Zealand, Kazahstan, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria
These gymnasts will be part of the actual test event, but there are a few additional spaces available. These gymnasts are all qualified to the olympics. Now they just have to make their teams!
Two Spots (top 8 in Tokyo): USA, Russia, China, Romania, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and Australia
Specific Gymnasts Qualified: McKayla Maroney (USA), Viktoria Komova (RUS), Sui Lu (CHN) and Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS).
I would be somewhat surprised to see the event champions at the test event. It would be more likely, if a team was going to use these spots, that gymnasts born in 1996 who were not able to compete at worlds but have a good shot at making the olympic team will go. Some notable gymnasts in that position are Kyla Ross (USA), Anastasia Grishina (RUS), Anastasia Sidorova (RUS), Zeng Siqi (CHN), Huang Huidan (CHN) and Larisa Iordache (ROU).
Will we see any additional gymnasts? I’m not sure. A lot of teams just wanted to avoid the test event and spend Christmas at home, but this would be a valuable experience for all of the 1996 girls.

Men’s Qualification                                                  Tuesday 10 January (10:30 – 22:00)

Women’s Qualification                                           Wednesday 11 January (09:30 – 22:00)

Apparatus Finals day one                                      Thursday 12 January (18:30 – 22:00)

Apparatus Finals day two                                       Friday 13 January (18:30 – 22:00)

5 Comments leave one →
  1. October 30, 2011 9:30 PM

    So is the qualifications the team final and event final qualifications? and what about an all around final?

    • October 30, 2011 9:56 PM

      That’s what the schedule says, copied directly from the official website. It looks like there isn’t an all around final.

  2. Isadora permalink
    October 31, 2011 3:35 PM

    And what about Mai Murakami from Japan??

    • November 1, 2011 10:08 PM

      True, didn’t think of her! Definite possibility.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    November 7, 2011 5:25 AM

    Do we know about what date there will be a roster for this comp? Even if it’s just a list of provisional names.

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