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WAG All Around Predictions

October 12, 2011

Is this Jordyn Wieber's year to shine? Photo: USA Gymnastics/John Cheng

Viktoria Komova qualified first, but my money is or Jordyn Wieber.

Wieber has been competing well all year. She has improved a great deal, and you can pretty much count on her to hit her routines. She is typically great on three events and good on bars. Wieber almost seems to be destined to win this title, in my opinion. As much as I love Komova, I think that she is somewhat unreliable at the moment. She is beautiful to watch, but she still seems to be injured. Her timing is a little bit off, so the world should still watch for her in 2012. Having said that, if she lands an Amanar or even a double that looks like it did yesterday, she will be very hard to beat if she hits the other events. If they hit everything, there is almost a 100% chance that these two will go 1-2.

Yao Jinnan seems like the clear favorite for the bronze medal. She does not have a weak event, and has been extremely consistent so far. My favorite event to watch her on may be vault, where she has one of the cleanest DTYs in the competition. She could possibly challenge for silver or even gold (look at Jiang Yuyuan last year), but she would have to be nearly flawless and the judges would have to give her higher execution scores for hit routines than they have been.

There are a plethora of gymnasts who I would not put in any particular order yet behind them. Alexandra Raisman has had a fantastic competition, and may challenge for bronze despite her weak bars. She is exceptional on vault, beam and floor, although her difficulty is lower than Wieber’s. The same goes for Ksenia Afanasyeva, who is typically a shaky competitor but has come through for her team here. The question is if she can come through for herself in her first world all around final. Huang Qiushuang has had a decent competition, but if she hits all of her routines, she is once again in the mix.

Elisabeth Seitz qualified 7th, a huge improvement for her. She is probably not in the medal hunt, but could end up in the top 6 if one of the gymnasts above has mistakes. Raluca Haidu is in a similar position.

Lauren Mitchell and Ana Porgras qualified lower than expected, but both have a chance to move up and maybe even be in the medal hunt with hit routines. Mitchell, however, will be held back bay her bars, and Porgras will undoubtedly have a weaker vault than all of the other top gymnasts. They would both need some help to make the podium.

I’m predicting 1. Wieber 2. Komova 3. Yao. But that could change depending on how Komova is feeling today. For better or for worse.

The Longines Elegance Prize will also be awarded. I’m not sure if it will happen today or tomorrow after the men have competed, but either way be sure to vote in The Couch Gymnast’s poll. That is her vote that you are picking! I voted for Afanasyeva; she has been wonderful here and she deserves some kind of individual award before she disappears off the international scene, which unfortunately will probably happen next year.

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