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WAG Team Lineups

October 10, 2011

The lineups for team finals, according to the longines application.

USA (starts first on vault)
VT: Raisman, Wieber, Maroney
UB: Vega, Wieber, Douglas
BB: Vega, Raisman, Wieber
FX: Maroney, Wieber, Raisman

Russia (starts second on vault)
VT: Afanasyeva, Komova, Nabieva
UB: Dementyeva, Komova, Nabieva
BB: Inshina, Komova, Dementyeva
FX: Belokobylskaya, Komova, Afanasyeva

China (starts first on bars)
VT: Jiang, Huang, Yao
UB: Yao, Huang, Tan
BB: Yao, Tan, Sui
FX: Tan, Yao, Sui

Romania (starts second on bars)
VT: Chelaru, Haidu, Ponor
UB: Haidu, Racea, Porgras
BB: Racea, Ponor, Porgras
FX: Chelaru, Bulimar, Ponor

Japan (starts first on beam)
VT: Shintake, Teramoto, Tanaka
UB: Tanaka, Teramoto, Tsurumi
BB: Teramoto, Minobe, Tsurumi
FX: Oshima, Tanaka, Tsurumi

Australia (starts second on beam)
VT: Brennan, Little, Mitchell
UB: Brown, Mitchell, Miller
BB: Brennan, Monckton, Mitchell
FX: Miller, Brennan, Mitchell

Germany (starts first on floor)
VT: Jarosch, Seitz, Chusovitina
UB: Bui, Hill, Seitz
BB: Jarosch, Chusovitina, Seitz
FX: Bui, Seitz, Jarosch

Great Britain (starts second on floor)
VT: Francis, Whelan, Cairns
UB: Whelan, Downie, Tweddle
BB: Pinches, Francis, Whelan
FX: Cairns, Whelan, Tweddle

Some things that I think are notable:

  • Usually, a team will rank their three gymnasts who are not competing in finals in the order of who they would like to go up if one of the gymnasts is injured. In this ranking, He Kexin is last on bars. That’s behind Jiang Yuyuan who also had mistakes in prelims and Sui Lu who didn’t even compete bars here. I’m not sure if she trained them. It’s got to be a combination of theses things:
    a) It’s a mistake
    b) They completely don’t trust her anymore (likely)
    c) They are trying to take her off of the team and put Wu Liufang in, so they are giving the illusion that she truly can’t perform on any event.
    Actually, Jiang is last on floor and beam. Now I’m convinced that the order of gymnasts after the lineup means nothing in China.
  • Tan is going to compete a lot during team finals. That’s a bit of a surprise, because she didn’t have the best prelims and some of her scores (vs. Jiang’s) were probably  helped by her last position in the lineup.
  • The US lineup. It looks like Marta went with consistency (sort of) on bars and beam and difficulty on floor. Interesting.
  • Komova is not anchoring Russia on any event. You may remember, however, Russia did the same thing with Mustafina on vault and bars last year, probably trying to increase Nabieva’s score a little bit.
  • Romania is using Porgras on two events, despite her disastrous prelims. They chose Haidu for vault.
  • Japan substituted in alternate Kyoko Oshima. I believe that they are the first team to do this.
  • Germany threw together a pretty strong lineup after surprisingly making finals.
  • The lineups for Australia and Great Britain are pretty much exactly what I expected.
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  1. Britnie permalink
    October 10, 2011 11:30 AM

    I thought Mustafina did anchor bars in TF last year. Demy and Nabs both fell on bars and Mustafina was praised for hitting after those falls. I could be mistaken.

    • October 10, 2011 11:55 AM

      Nope, she didn’t. People probably think that because the TV coverage showed one of the US girls (Alicia?) on beam during Mustafina’s routine, then cut to Nabieva’s disasterous bars. After that, they showed Mustafina’s great routine, so it seemed like she was after Nabieva but she really wasn’t. Although because it was Mustafina, I have no doubt that she would have hit after Nabieva’s fall as well.

      Here’s the start list from last year:


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