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Day 2 Lineups and More

October 7, 2011

Lineups and predictions, like yesterday.

Subdivision 6: Korea, Slovenia, China (full teams), Malaysia India (individuals)

Korea (starts on vault)
VT: Eum/Park K/Heo/Kim/Jo
UB: Park J/Park K/Jo/Eum/Heo
BB: Park J/Park K/Heo/Jo/Eum
FX: Eum/Park K/Heo/Jo/Park J

Slovenia (starts on bars)
VT: Kamnikar/Novak/Golob/Sajn/Belak
UB: Belak/Novak/Golob/Kamnikar/Sajn
BB: Kamnikar/Belak/Novak/Golob/Sajn
FX: Belak/Kamnikar/Novak/Golob/Sajn

India (starts on beam)
Karmakar (VT/BB)

Malaysia (starts on beam)
Farah Ann (UB/FX)

China (starts on floor)
VT: Sui/Jiang/Huang/Yao/Tan
UB: Tan/Yao/Jiang/He/Huang
BB: Jiang/Yao/Sui/Tan/Huang
FX: Jiang/Huang/Yao/Sui/Tan

Subdivision 7: Brazil, USA, Germany (full teams) and Colombia (individuals)

Colombia (starts on vault)
Sanchez (AA)
Gil Ortiz (AA)
Escobar Gomez (AA)

Brazil (starts on bars)
VT: Cobello/Gomes/Leal/Dos Santos/Hypolito (Barbosa is not listed. Mistake?)
UB: Dos Santos/Cobello/Barbosa/Leal/Hypolito
BB: Cobello/Leal/Gomes/Barbosa/Hypolito
FX:Cobello/Leal/Barbosa/Hypolito/Dos Santos

USA (starts on beam)
VT: Vega/Douglas/Raisman/Wieber/Maroney
UB: Raisman/Maroney/Vega/Wieber/Douglas
BB: Maroney/Vega/Raisman/Wieber/Douglas
FX: Douglas/Vega/Wieber/Maroney/Raisman

Germany (starts on floor)
VT: Hill/Bui/Chusovitina/Jarosch/Seitz
UB: Jarosch/Tolle/Hill/Bui/Seitz
BB: Hill/Bui/Chusovitina/Jarosch/Seitz
FX: Hille/Tolle/Bui/Seitz/Jarosch

Subdivision 8: Russia, Belgium, Switzerland (full teams), Norway and Belarus (individuals)

Norway (starts on vault)
Sondov (AA)

Belarus (starts on vault)
Makhautsova (AA)
Sotnikova (AA)
Marachkouskaya (AA)

Russia (starts on bars)
VT: Belokobylskaya/Afanasyeva/Komova/Nabieva/Dementyeva
UB: Inshina/Dementyeva/Komova/Nabieva/Afanasyeva
BB: Inshina/Belokobylskaya/Komova/Afanasyeva/Dementyeva
FX: Belokobylskaya/Inshina/Komova/Afanasyeva/Dementyeva

Belgium (starts on beam)
VT: Van de Velde/Mys/Verschueren/Croket/Vanwalleghem
UB: Vandersteen/Verschueren/Van de Velde/Mys/Vanwalleghem
BB: Vandersteen/Croket/Verschueren/Vanwalleghem/Mys
FX: Vandersteen/Verschueren/Mys/Vanwalleghem/Croket

Switzerland (starts on floor)
VT: Staempfli/Baeriswyl/Zimmermann/Diacci/Steingruber
UB: Gerber/Staempfli/Diacci/Steingruber/Baeriswyl
BB: Staempfli/Zimmermann/Diacci/Steingruber/Baeriswyl
FX: Gerber/Staempfli/Diacci/Steingruber/Baeriswyl

Subdivison 9: Spain, Hungary, Ukraine and Italy (full teams)

Spain (starts on vault)
VT: Urbano/Cuesta/Vargas/Izurieta/Menendez
UB: Colussi/Urbano/Cuesta/Vargas/Izurieta
BB: Colussi/Cuesta/Urbano/Vargas/Izurieta
FX: Colussi/Vargas/Urbano/Izurieta/Menendez/Cuesta

Hungary (starts on bars)
VT: Gombas/Diveky/Nagy/Boczogo/Sheppard
UB: Nagy/Diveky/Gombas/Sheppard/Boczogo
BB: Lonai/Diveky/Gombas/Sheppard/Boczogo
FX: Lonai/Gombas/Diveky/Sheppard/Boczogo

Ukraine (starts on beam)
VT: Kysla/Cherniy/Fomenko/Kononenko/Demyanchuk
UB: Cherniy/Demyanchuk/Fomenko/Kysla/Kononenko
BB: Cherniy/Kononenko/Kysla/Demyanchuk/Fomenko
FX: Kononenko/Fomenko/Kysla/Cherniy/Demyanchuk

Italy (starts on floor)
VT: Gandolfi/Ferrari/Perziosa/Armi/Ferlito
UB: Armi/Gandolfi/Campana/Ferrari/Ferlito
BB: Armi/Ferrari/Preziosa/Ferlito/Campana
FX: Preziosa/Ferrari/Armi/Gandolfi/Ferlito

Subdivision 10: Great Britain, Japan, France (full teams), New Zealand, Mongolia and Chile (individuals)

New Zealand (starts on vault)
Mitchell (AA)
Rae (AA)

Mongolia (starts on vault)
Baatarjav (AA)

Chile (starts on vault)
Castro Lazo (AA)
Pinto Adasme (AA)

Great Britain (starts on bars)
VT: Francis/Pinches/Whelan/Cairns/Downie
UB: Francis/Pinches/Whelan/Downie/Tweddle
BB: Pinches/Cairns/Francis/Whelan/Downie
FX: Francis/Cairns/Pinches/Whelan/Tweddle

Japan (starts on beam)
VT: Shintake/Minobe/Tsurumi/Tanaka/Iizuka
UB: Shintake/Tanaka/Minobe/Tsurumi/Teramoto
BB: Shintake/Teramoto/Tanaka/Minobe/Tsurumi
FX: Shintake/Minobe/Tsurumi/Tanaka/Iizuka

France (starts on floor)
VT: Della Vedova/Brevet/Malaussena/Bellemare/Serseri
UB: Serseri/Della Vedova/Brevet/Malaussena/Dufournet
BB: Malaussena/Serseri/Dufournet/Brevet/Bellemare
FX: Malaussena/Della Vedova/Serseri/Bellemare/Brevet

Major lineup changes- Sacramone OUT, Wu Liufang OUT for Huang Qiushuang, Livchikova OUT, Inshina IN


USA, China and Russia are locks for team finals, barring disaster. Great Britain and Japan should make it as well. Spain, France, Brazil, Germany and Italy could be in contention for the last spot. We’re going to assume that Romania and Australia are in. I suppose that Korea could be as well. All of the reports say so, but I know virtually nothing about them. Ukraine, Switzerland and Belgium are likely fighting for test event spots.

All Around

Komova should make it for Russia, along with Afanasyeva or Dementyeva. Two Americans, definitely Wieber and maybe Maroney should make it. Tsurumi and Tanaka are the best for Japan. Yao should be in for China, and the second girl could be Tan, Jiang or Huang. Two British gymnasts, probably Whelan and Francis should make it (although Pinches seems to be more favored in the lineups). Brevet for France. Ferrari and Ferlito for Italy. Izurieta for Spain, Seitz and maybe Jarosch for Germany, and possibly  Jo for Korea. Barbosa for Brazil.

Event Finals

Maroney should make vault finals, as should Chusovitina, Steingruber and Barbosa if she competes. Sheppard, Jo and Nabieva should also challenge for a spot.

Two Chinese gymnasts, He Kexin and anybody else honestly, should be in bars finals. Two Russians, probably Komova and Nabieva should make it as well. Tweddle should be there, and Tsurumi can do it as well. Seitz, if she hits, would be a great addition to finals. Dufournet and Kononenko are huge wild cards, but I am hoping that they do well in prelims and make finals with their interesting routines. One or two Americans (Wieber and Douglas, the only options) might be able to sneak in.

Wieber, if she hits like we know she can, is a lock for beam finals. Raisman can also make it. Anywhere from two to no Russians could be in beam finals. Komova and Dementyeva are the most likely choices, but Afanasyeva has been hitting in training. Two Chinese gymnasts should also make finals, and I have more faith in them than in the Russians. Tan and Sui are the favorites, but it could be Yao. I’d also like to see one of Italians, Preziosa or Ferlito, in finals. Demyanchuk is Ukrainian and therefore a wild card. Livchikova will be missed here and on floor.

I would be surprised if Wieber and Raisman didn’t make floor finals. Sui should make if for China, and Yao could if she hits. I don’t know what to say about Russia. Probably Afanasyeva, and maybe Dementyeva or Komova. Tweddle can make it if she hits, and so could Ferrari, who has her double double back. In my wildest dreams, the lovely Julie Croket makes floor finals. Dos Santos could make it as well.

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