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2011 World Championships Predictions Polls- Closed

September 7, 2011

I have never made polls before, but I thought that it would be interesting to see what kind of results we can get from these. I am asking my readers to please vote for the gymnasts who they think will end up on the podium at worlds. The polls are multiple choice; you may select up to three gymnasts (or teams) in each poll. I am hoping that the results will reflect the overall thoughts of the gymnastics community going into worlds. I will post the results before prelims.

The gymnasts who are in the poll are gymnasts who I think have a chance at making the podium, or at least making finals. This is just my opinion, and it is possible that I left some people out or put some in due to personal preferences (although I tried to enter only legitimate contenders). If there is a gymnast who you would like to vote for who is not included in the poll, you may enter their name in the “other” box. You may vote for up to three other gymnasts by typing in multiple names, but please do not “cheat” by voting for two gymnasts in the poll and three in the other box. There a few polls that have more than two gymnasts per country. Please observe the two-per country rule while voting. Also, there are certain gymnasts (or maybe it’s just Huang Qiushuang) who were not on the nominative rosters who I included in the polls. Remember, nominative rosters could change.

NOTE: Sandra Izbasa is injured and not in Tokyo.

Thanks for voting. Please ask all of your (gymnastics fan) friends to vote. If there are more answers, the gymnastics community will be represented more accurately.

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