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Ghent World Cup

September 2, 2011

The Ghent Challenger Cup is scheduled to take place this weekend. Some of the world’s most talented gymnasts are scheduled to compete, including Viktoria Komova, Jiang Yuyuan, Wu Liufang, Maria Paseka, Jade Barbosa, Kristina Vaculik, Jessica Lopez, Maria Livchikova and Yana Demyanchuk. Huang Qiushuang was originally on the roster, but does not seem to be making the trip.

For some gymnasts, especially Jiang, Wu and Paseka, this will be a test to see how ready they are for worlds. Their spots at worlds are not guaranteed, so a strong performance here would help them a great deal. For some, it may be a test to see just which events they will be used on at worlds. Livchikova, who I love despite her flaw (not being able to hit a routine), will compete bars here, even though Ukraine has not put her up on bars in the past, most notably at Europeans when there was, in my opinion, absolutely no reason not to. And then for others, it will be more of a tune-up. Gymnasts like Vaculik and Komova who have not competed internationally this year will get a chance to do so. Yes, this is Komova’s senior international debut. Finally!

Click here for a start list.

I will be away for the weekend, with possible but not definite internet access. I will try to post about this event after prelims, but if I am not able to do so, expect a post Sunday or Monday.

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