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Russian Cup Event Finals

August 21, 2011

Viktoria Komova continued her strong comeback with victories on both the uneven bars and balance beam this weekend. She seems to be getting closer and closer to 100% on those two events. With much lower difficulty than Anna Dementyeva, 6.2 compared to Dementyeva’s 6.6, the beam gold is particularly impressive. Her total scores were 15.875 on bars and 15.525 on beam. This definitely confirms that she is back and in addition to being invaluable for her team in Tokyo, she will be in contention for medals on these two events and potentially in the all around.

Yulia Belokobylskaya ended her competition with three more bronze medals on bars, beam and floor. Her 14.55 on bars is impressive, but what is really notable about her performance here is her beam score. She became the only gymnast besides Komova and Dementyeva to score above 14 on every single beam routine this week. While I have to admit that I am a little bit scared of what she will do on beam (she somehow seems like Douglas to me on this event), this statistic is really important when thinking about who will be able to do beam in team finals for Russia. Afanasyeva, Semenova, Sapronova and Inshina who seemed to be the other contestants for this spot failed to break 14 today.

Anna Pavlova ended her Russian Cup on a high note with a gold medal on vault. Her score, 14.225, however, was surprisingly low. While I don’t think this hurt her chances, she really needed another event to be seriously considered for worlds and she did not deliver at all on beam.

Anna Dementyeva was somewhat successful in event finals with a surprise silver on vault, which I would still consider her weakest event, and beam. She failed to medal on bars and floor, however, finishing in 4th and 6th place, respectively. All in all, she had a great week.

Ksenia Afansyeva somewhat made up for her slightly disastrous performances in the all around, bars and beam finals with a gold medal on floor. It is really a shame that she shows up at these competitions looking spectacular, then cannot hit a routine in finals. I should have known that it was too good to be true when she showed up looking better than ever for prelims.

Yulia Inshina won the silver on floor but I’m not sure that it improves her chances at making worlds much. It seems like whenever she scores well on floor she does not do so on bars and beam and vice versa. It’s not that she seems prone to meltdowns (although she did score a 12 on floor in the all around), it’s that you aren’t sure if you’ll get a great routine or a mediocre one.

Maria Paseka did not exactly deliver in vault finals, falling on one of her vaults, but she hit her double twisting yurchenko, so it should not affect her chances at worlds. She still won the bronze medal as well.

Tatiana Nabieva won the silver on uneven bars, but finished over a point behind Komova. It would be really nice if she could get back into the 15s for worlds, although I would take a hit routine over what she was did in every single international team competition she entered last year.

Click here for vault and bars and here for beam and floor results.

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