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Anna Dementyeva Wins 2011 Russian Cup

August 18, 2011

European Champion Anna Dementyeva won the Russian Cup today. Viktoria Komova, returning from an ankle injury, was about a point behind Dementyeva and a point ahead of the fourth place finisher, Yulia Belokobylskaya. Ksenia Afanasyeva, who qualified in first place, finished fourth after a disasterous bars routine (12.5).

Dementyeva scored high 14s and low 15s on every event. The biggest improvement was her vault, where she scored 14.7. Her high score, as expected, came on beam (15.3) Komova continued to do very well on bars (15.7) and beam (15.15). She presumably hit vault and floor today, but watered down. Belokobylskaya scored mid 14s on every event, as did Afanasyeva, with the exception of bars.

Those four look like locks for worlds at the moment, as does Tatiana Nabieva. Ksenia Semenova slightly improved her chances of going to worlds with a 14.1 on beam, which may be a better bet than using Afanasyeva or Belokobylskaya, who scored higher in both prelims and the all around but are unpredictable. Paseka, who was my original prediction for a 6th team member, may not be necessary if Dementyeva and Belokobylsksaya are receiving similar vault scores for what are presumably double twisint yurchenkos. Komova could be ready for harder vaults in two months as well. If Paseka can do an Amanar (she has trained a triple), she will greatly increase her chances at making the team. Another gymnast to watch for Yulia Inshina, who scored a pair of 14.5s on beam and bars today, and a 14.375 on floor yesterday.

Click here for full results.

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