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Visa Championships Podium Training Links

August 16, 2011

Junior podium training at the Visa Championships is done, and the seniors are starting. Here are some links to quick hits and videos. I’d like to thank everybody who has worked on these. Without you, all we would get is the four hours (more like 2 1/2 with commercials) that is on TV.

Quick hits- Inside Gymnastics facebook

Senior quick hits- Gymnastics Examiner

Junior quick hits- Gymnastics Examiner

Videos- Gymnastics Examiner on Youtube

Videos- USA Gymnastics on Youtube

Videos- Gymnastike

Highlights in the junior division include Ross and Priessman’s amanars, Ohashi’s 7.3 beam set, Finnegan’s upgraded beam with a triple wolf turn, Ohashi’s floor and bars, Ross’s beam, Price’s floor (double layout, 1 1/2 through to 3/1, full in, double pike) and Biles’s vault.

A few questions as to who will be competing what in the senior devision have been answered: Bross will be competing all around. Johnson will compete vault, bars and beam. Sacramone is not planning on competing her front 2/1 on vault, and Douglas is not competing her amanar. I’m under the impression that Mackenzie Caquatto may be competing all around as well. She has vaulted, but maybe she won’t do floor. Her sister, Bridgette, is doing double twisting yurchenkos again.





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