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EYOF Team Results

July 28, 2011

What looked like it would be a classic Russia vs Romania battle ended with a talented Italian team winning a gold medal. Italy’s duo of Elisa Meneghini and Erika Fasana qualified in 1st and 7th on vault and 2nd and 3rd on bars, allowing them to pass the Romanian team, which was very strong on beam and floor but relatively weak on vault and bars, as expected. Larisa Iordache was the big star of the Romanian team and the entire competition, qualifying first all around, 2.5 points ahead of the rest of the field, and in the top 4 for every event final. Germany finished third over defending champions Russia. Germany’s top all around gymnast was Sophie Scheder, who was the top qualifier on uneven bars with a score of 14.15. The Russian team, without their two star juniors, Grishina and Anastasia Sidorova, couldn’t catch up after Yevgenia Shelgunova faceplanted her beam dismount in the first rotation.

The competition continues tomorrow with the all around final, which Larisa Iordache will likely dominate. The competition for silver and bronze, however, should be quite interesting.

Click here for full results.

A few videos have been posted- this one looks like it is a large chunk of the live stream. I will post the first section below. The rest is available on serenenz‘s youtube channel.

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