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Canadian Nationals Recap

May 29, 2011

Senior All Around:
1. Madeline Gardiner- 54.475
2. Jessica Savona- 53.75
3. Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto- 53.1

Junior All Around:
1. Victoria Moors- 56.925
2.  Natalia Vaculik- 54.55
3. Jordyn Pedersen- 53.125

Nat’l Novice:
1. Olexsandra Yermolchuk- 52.6
2. Emma Leipsic- 52.575
3. Ashlynn Skulstad- 49.9

H.P. Novice:
1. Shallon Olsen- 60.825
2. Brianna Clark- 55.65
3. Rose-Kalam Woo- 55.325

Open 13-15:
1. Gabriella Douglas- 52.475
2. Léa-Mei Chicoine- 50.6
3. Marie-Jeanne Fortier- 49.8

Open 16+:
1. Jessica Dowling- 56.875
2. Melissa Fontaine- 53.675
3. Alexandra Vedenin- 53.4

Senior Vault:
1. Bianca Jordaan- 13.650
2. Emma Sibson Omega- 13.550
3. Gabrielle May- 13.525

Senior Bars:
1. Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto- 13.950
2. Dominique Pegg- 13.250
3. Coralie Leblond-Chartrand- 12.875

Senior Beam:
1. Jessica Savona- 13.475
2. Madeline Gardiner- 13.300
3. Bianca Jordaan- 13.275

Senior Floor:
1. Jessica Savona- 13.850
2. Dominique Pegg- 13.650
3. Talia Chiarelli- 13.525

Junior Vault:
1. Maegan Chant- 14.850
2. Sabrina Tomassini- 13.800
3. Victoria Moors- 13.625

Junior Bars:
1. Victoria Moors- 13.925
2. Natalie Vaculik- 13.775
3. Jordyn Pedersen- 12.500

Junior Beam:
1. Paraskévi Babalis- 14.750
2. Casey Carvalho- 13.475
3. Hailee Westney- 13.425

Junior Floor:
1. Victoria Moors- 15.425
2. Natalie Vaculik- 13.900
3. Stefanie Merkle- 13.725

Click here for full results.

In the senior all around, there were many gymnasts challenging for medals and, as it should be, the ones who hit the best routines overall won. Brittany Rogers (.1 out of third), Dominique Pegg (top qualifier) and Sabrina Gill (senior in 2012) all could have legitimately won medals. I’m not sure how comparable the scores between sessions are. I believe that the juniors, including Victoria Moors who scored 56.925, were not given any bonus, but the H.P. Novice competitors, including Shallon Olsen who scored 16.25 on a 6.9 difficulty DTY definitely did. I believe that bonus was also added to the open scores (Dowling’s bars difficultly, 6.9, was 1.2 higher than what I calculated).

In the other all around competitions, the gymnasts were not nearly as bunched together near the top. In fact, 10 year old Shallon Olsen won by over five points. I will analyze the Canadian worlds situation at the moment later, but here’s a question: if you were in charge of choosing the 2011 Canadian worlds team to go and qualify for the Olympics and there was no age limit at all, would you send Shallon? While she doesn’t really have 6+ difficulty on every single apparatus, it seems like she is a very balanced all arounder and competes well under pressure. She’s a star now, but by the time she’s 16, she may be burnt out or seriously injured. Hopefully her coaches are not putting too much pressure on her at the moment.

You can see quick hits from the competition, along with some videos, from the Gymnastics Examiner here.

The official blog for the Championships is located here.

For more videos, check out GymnCA and GymnasticsCoaching‘s youtube channels.

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