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Recap of the Weekend

May 22, 2011

There have been a whole lot of meets this weekend, and I did not cover them nearly as much as I would have liked to. Here is a recap of everything that was going on this weekend.


French Team Championships

The star of the first day of competition at French nationals was a guest competitor, fourteen year old Larisa Iordache of Romania. She lead the Alliance Dijon team to the gold medal, along with teammates Raluca Haidu and Dana Andrei, debuting a double twisting yurchenko on vault which earned her an outstanding 15.4 (9.6 execution). Her beam score, 15.2, was also quite impressive.

In her first compeititon of the year, Youna Dufournet earned up the highest score of the French gymnasts, 54.65. Her high score was a 14.45 on bars.

Top 3 teams:
1. Alliance Dijon- 220.5
2. Avoine- 203.3
3.  St. Etienne- 195.05

Top 3 all around:
1. Larisa Iordache- 58.8
2. Raluca Haidu- 57.4
3. Youna Dufournet- 54.65

Click here for full results.

I have not seen any videos of this competition yet, but if I do I will add them to the post.


Stella Zakharova Cup

Russia earned the team title at this event, although there are no scores to determine just how much they beat Ukraine by. Belarus came in third.

Anastasia Grishina dominated the all around, which she won by over four points, with not only her highest all around score ever but also the highest score from anybody this season in international competition (there have been some higher scores at Russian competitions with bonus). Maria Livchikova injured herself on floor and was unable to continue.

Top 3 teams:
1. Russia- I believe they scored around 115
2. Ukraine
3. Belarus

Top 3 all around:
1. Anastasia Grishina- 59.95 (15.1, 15.3, 14.65,14.9)
2. Angelina Kysla
3. Diana Sapronova

Thanks to Rewriting Russian Gymnastics for the breakdown of Grishina’s score and the news about Livchikova.

There are videos of Grishina and the medal ceremonies on grishinagan’s youtube channel. I have a few videos up on my channel as well.

Lugano Trophy

Elisa Menighini of Italy won the women’s all around title at the Lugano Trophy, which featured gymnasts born in 1996 and 1997, by more than two points over her teammate, Arianna Salvi. Two Romanians, Georgiana Gheorghe and Maria Balea, finished third and fourth. Their teammate, Larisa Iordache, pulled out of the competition to compete in France.

Top 3 all around:
1. Elisa Menighini- 55.65
2. Arianna Salvi- 53.05
3. Georgiana Gheorghe- 52.5

Click here for full results.

GymSport International

More juniors competed Saturday in Portugal in the GymSport International. Emma Nedov of Australia won the junior all around with a score of 52.1. Her high score was a 13.6 on beam (5.8 difficulty).

Another Australian, Alexandra Eade, won the youth all around with a score of 52.35, also picking up her high score on beam (13.45).

Click here for full results.

French Nationals, All Around

Marine Petit reclaimed the national all around title by beating Marine Brevet by half a tenth. Although her scores on vault, bars and floor were lower or equal to Brevet’s, her beam score was 1.1 higher. Clara Della Vedova finished far behind in third, 3.5 points behind Petit. Youna Dufournet did not compete, although her score from day one would not have been enough to win in finals.

Top 3 all around:
1. Marine Petit- 55.2
2. Marine Brevet- 55.15
3. Clara Della Vedova 51.7

Click here for full results.


British Team Championships

Liverpool won the team title easily over Cardiff Central and Heathrow. The team from Liverpool included three of Great Britain’s current stars, Beth Tweddle, Hannah Whelan (who had the highest all around score by far) and Jennifer Pinches. The young team from Cardiff Central that included Angel Romaeo, Elizabeth Beddoe, Jessica Hogg, Raer Theaker and Venus Romaeo should be very proud of their second place finish.

Top 3 teams:
1. Liverpool- 167.2
2. Cardiff Central- 164.4
3. Heathrow- 153.85

Top 3 all around:
1. Hannah Whelan- 56.85
2. Jennifer Pinches- 53.1
3. Danusia Francis- 52.9

Click here for full results.

French Nationals, Event Finals

Marine Petit added two event titles to her all around gold on beam and floor. Elodie Perez won the gold medal on vault. With the only 14 of the event finals, Youna Dufournet took home her only individual medal, a gold on bars. Unsurprisingly, her routine is different than it was last time we saw it.

Click here for full results.

Click here for videos. Once you get to the page, you must click “faites votre choix” and then “Gymnastique artistique feminine.” Videos of MAG and Rhythmic gymnastics are also available.

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