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Moscow World Cup Finals- Results and Videos

May 14, 2011

Oksana Chusovitina, Jessica Lopez and Anna Dementyeva won gold medals today at the Moscow World Cup. Russia won every silver medal in the competition, with Dementyeva adding a silver on bars to her golds on beam and floor, Kurbatova taking advantage of Barbosa’s fall on vault and Afanasyeva continuing to look strong in her comeback on beam and floor.

The vault results are a good example of why many people do not like the new format with four gymnasts per final. Tijana Tkalcec, who qualified 5th, did not make the final. In fact, she seems to attend pretty much every world cup (due to her world ranking from last year), but does not qualify for finals. Makarena Pinto scored a 0 on her second vault, which meant that everybody else would make the podium if they landed on their feet (even if they ended up falling). Jade Barbosa is coming back from an injury, and under-rotated her second vault. She still made the podium because there was nobody else in the final to challenge her. Tkalcec’s score of 13.4 from prelims would have been enough to take home a medal here. Luckily, most of the gymnasts in the other finals rose to the occasion and if they did not, they did not win a medal.

Vault- Individual Scores

Name VT 1 VT 2 AVE
1 Oksana Chusovitina 14.85 14.575 14.712
2 Ekaterina Kurbatova 14.075 13.825 13.95
3 Jade Barbosa 13.825 12.85 13.337
4 Makarena Pinto 13.875 0 6.937

Bars- Individual Scores

Name D E Total
1 Jessica Lopez 5.9 8.375 14.275
2 Anna Dementyeva 5.7 8.3 14
3 Jana Sikulova 5.9 8.05 13.95
4 Elisabeth Seitz 6.3 7.15 13.45

Beam- Individual Scores

Name D E Total
1 Anna Dementyeva 6.5 8.6 15.1
2 Ksenia Afanasyeva 5.9 8.3 14.2
3 Yana Demyanchuk 6 8.1 14.1
4 Vasiliki Millousi 5.8 8.275 14.075

Floor- Individual Scores

Name D E Neutral Total
1 Anna Dementyeva 5.7 8.825   14.525
2 Ksenia Afanasyeva 5.6 8.6   14.2
3 Jessica Lopez 5.3 8.55   13.85
4 Elisabeth Seitz 5.5 7.85 0.1 13.25

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