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Chinese Nationals, Event Finals

May 12, 2011

The Chinese Nationals concluded today with beam and floor finals. Sui Lu managed to win both titles. Yesterday, Li Yiting won gold on vault and He Kexin won gold on bars. Here are the videos of the medallists.

1. Li Yiting- 14.937

2. Cheng Fei- 14.825

3. Jiang Tong- 13.75 (video from prelims)

1. He Kexin- 15.35

2. Yao Jinnan- 14.80

3. Huang Huidan 14.70

1. Sui Lu- 15.55

2. Zeng Siqi- 15.375

3. Zhang Yelinzi- 15.175

1. Sui Lu- 14.80

2. Zeng Siqi 13.950

3. Yao Jinnan- 13.90

For more videos, check out ‘s youtube channel and the gymnastike page for the championships.

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