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Chinese Nationals, Day 1

May 9, 2011

The team final for the Women took place today at Chinese Nationals. Juniors (at least those who are 2012 eligible) competed along with the seniors. Here are some videos:

Cheng Fei has returned. Although she does not have the same level of difficulty as she once had, I was pretty impressed. She performed a clean double twisting yurchenko and layout podkopayeva on vault, and a triple full on floor. Her vault is currently team finals worthy, but floor is a bit questionable.

He Kexin has gotten her double twisting yurchenko back. She did not perform her new element on bars, but she went for the rest of her 7.4 routine. Perhaps she will go all out in event finals.

Tan Sixin was a bit wobbly (but still fabulous!) on her best event, beam, where she debuted a yang bo. She has added a jump after her last tumbling pass on floor, but she still performs no elements rated higher than D. Her vault looks a lot better than it did last year to me, despite the awkward landing. Although she fell on bars, her handstands looked pretty nice.

Sui Lu was steady on beam and floor, as you can expect from her in domestic competition. She has added a (questionable) stag jump after her triple full and front full after her 2 1/2, widening the gap between herself and every other chinese floor worker at the moment.

Wu Liufang has added a piked tkachev, in combination with her shaposhnikova to clear hip full, to her bars routine. She’s getting close to 7.0 difficulty here. Hopefully she will be consistent throughout the year on both bars and beam and make her first worlds team in October.

Zhang Yelinzi was extremely impressive on beam. She stuck a layout full from two backhandsprings, and followed it up with a front 1/2 to korbut combination. Still, I can’t see them taking her to worlds as a beam specialist over Deng Linlin. I don’t think she has competed much internationally, and Deng has a world title, silver medal and large contributions to an olympic gold.

Jiang Yuyuan is still in a bit of a slump. What I find interesting is that she always struggles on the same skills. It might be smart to get rid of the front layout, which is not pretty when she lands it, and put in a front aerial. The full twisting double layout dismount could be replaced with a cleaner, more consistent double layout. Each of these changes would only lose her .1.

After the Nationals are over, I will do some more analysis of the Chinese team and where they stand at the moment.

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  1. Blake permalink
    May 10, 2011 7:02 AM

    Do you know where huang quishuang is????

    • Jane permalink
      May 10, 2011 4:35 PM

      She broke her hand a few weeks ago


  1. Wu Liufang – Bars — Gymnastics

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