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Moscow World Cup Roster

April 28, 2011

The second event finals world cup takes place May 13th-14th in Moscow, Russia. The first day will be the preliminary competition, and only four gymnasts will make each final.

Yesterday, a roster was released with Aliya Mustafina, Alicia Sacramone and Rebecca Bross on it. This, obviously, was simply not going to happen. Mustafina likely will not compete until 2012 Europeans, and when would Marta ever send Sacramone and Bross to a world cup that wasn’t the American Cup? Having said that, I actually thought that they were planning on attending before I saw on twitter that it was just the invite list, because neither was listed on beam, which they did qualify for.

Either way, the FIG posted a new list today, without those names on it, or any Chinese athletes who I believe were on the original.

Lauren Mitchell (UB)

Barbara Gasser (UB)

Jade Barbosa (VT)

Makarena Pinto Adasme (VT)

Natalia Sanchez Cardenas (BB)

Tijana Tkalcec (VT)
Tina Erceg (BB/FX)

Czech Republic
Jana Sikulova (AA)

Marine Brevet (FX)

Oksana Chusovitina (VT)
Elisabeth Seitz (UB)

Vasiliki Millousi (BB)

Roni Rabinovitz (FX)

Paula Plichta (VT/BB)
Marta Pihan-Kulesza (UB/BB/FX)

Diana Chelaru (VT/FX)
Ana Porgras (UB/BB)
Sandra Izbasa 

Tatiana Nabieva (VT/UB)
Ekaterina Kurbatova (VT)
Anna Dementyeva (UB (HC)/BB/FX)
Ksenia Afanasyeva (BB (HC)/FX) 

Teja Belak (VT)
Tjasa Kysselef (VT)
Ivana Kamnikar (UB)
Fiona Novak (UB/BB/FX)

Maria Homolova (UB)

Yana Demyanchuk (BB)

Luisa Galiulina (BB/FX)

Jessica Lopez (UB/BB/FX)

This is certainly a very random list of gymnasts. It really looks like so many people are not competing that gymnasts who won a minor medal in one world cup last year are competing. Still, at least the finals should be interesting. Oksana Chusovitina will be very busy, both coaching and competing.

Some questions have been answered by this list, in my opinion. For example, if all went well this was supposed to be Komova’s return to competition. Instead, it will be Afanasyeva’s. Hopefully, Afanasyeva is fully recovered, and Komova will be as soon as possible. This will be Jade Barbosa’s first meet of the year, and she has big vaults in her repertoire.

Meanwhile, why is Lauren Mitchell making the trip to Russia to compete bars, where she will likely not even qualify for the final? Will Ana Porgras be able to make up for a rough European Championships, where she was the gymnast on her team who did not win a medal (or make a final)? How is Jana Sikulova qualified to compete every event? And how did all of those Slovenians qualify?

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  1. Liz permalink
    May 6, 2011 10:42 AM

    For Lauren… I read somewhere recently that she had upgraded bars recently… if that’s true maybe she wants to give it a go in competition? … but I’m surprised she’s going – she’s apparently been nursing an ankle injury

    • May 9, 2011 11:01 PM

      She was training (and maybe competed) a more difficult first sequence, stalder 1 1/2 to Jaeger, in Paris. I guess it might make sense to try to hit that routine in competition.

      Any questions I had about Komova have been answered :(. Hopefully she’s 100% by worlds, but I they shouldn’t rush her back.

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