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Amelia Racea Wins Glasgow World Cup

April 16, 2011
Name Vault Bars Beam Floor Total
1 Amelia Racea 14.2 13.7 13.766 12.9 54.566
2 Jessica Lopez 13.666 13.466 13.366 13.433 53.931
3 Raluca Haidu 14.2 12.766 12.633 12.833 52.432
4 Elisabeth Seitz 14.4 13.033 12.166 13.4 52.232
5 Hannah Whelan 13.666 11.533 13.033 13.9 52.132
6 Giulia Steingruber 15.266 11.833 12.533 12.4 52.032
7 Vasiliki Millousi 12.866 12.9 13.6 12.433 51.799
8 Jennifer Pinches 13.5 11.9 12.2 13.7 51.3

I said prior to the competition that this would be a rematch of the European Championships. After watching the competition, it is clear that these girls were very lucky that this was not the European Championships. There were falls all over the place, along with watered down routines. The only two gymnasts who did not fall were Amelia Racea and Jessica Lopez, and scores were clearly very low all around. Vault was the highest scoring event, and even there half of the scores were under 14.

The highlight of the meet was Giulia Steingruber’s Rudi in the first rotation. It earned the highest score of the meet by almost a point, and could even be improved.

I have uploaded some videos to my youtube channel, which will be linked to the results. Hopefully somebody will upload more complete, higher quality videos soon. If they do, I’ll update the links. Also, check out Full Twist’s live blog.


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  1. April 16, 2011 7:34 PM

    Thanks for the link to Full Twist. We have some HD videos to upload once we get home to a quicker,more secure internet connection 🙂


  1. Amelia Racea wins Glasgow World Cup — Gymnastics

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