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NCAA Prelims

April 15, 2011

Super Six Qualifiers

1. University of Alabama- 197.05 (session 2)
2. University of Nebraska- 196.85 (session 2)
3. University of Oklahoma- 196.775 (session 1)
4. University of Michigan- 196.7 (session 1)
5. UCLA- 196.5 (session 1)
6. University of Utah- 196.2 (session 2)

Top Three All Around, Final
1. Kylee Botterman, University of Michigan- 39.525 (session 1)
2. Kayla Hoffman, University of Alabama- 39.5 (session 2)
3. Geralen Stack-Eaton, University of Alamaba- 39.4 (session 2)
3. Cassidy McComb, University of Georgia- 39.4 (session 1)

Event final qualifiers were also decided today, but I’ll post those later.

I did not see much, but it looks like beam was the deciding factor between first place and not making the super six. Florida and UCLA both counted a fall, but UCLA managed to hold on. Florida did not. The big surprise to me is University of Nebraska. I never would have guessed that they would end up with the second highest score of the night. I’m going to predict that Alabama will win, but UCLA will challenge them for the top spot with a hit beam rotation. It seems like Nebraska and Oklahoma also have outside chances. Really, all of the teams do.

Everything that I did see, which consists of Florida’s bars, Lenny’s vault, Hoffman’s beam and a replay of Botterman’s floor has been uploaded to my youtube channel.

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