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Glasgow World Cup Tomorrow

April 15, 2011
The Glasgow World Cup is the second all around world cup of the year and will take place tomorrow. Here are the competitors:
  • Hannah Whelan (GBR)
  • Jessica Lopez (VEN)
  • Jennifer Pinches (GBR)
  • Raluca Haidu (ROU)
  • Elisabeth Seitz (GER)
  • Amelia Racea (ROU)
  • Giulia Steingruber (SUI)
  • Vasiliki Millousi (GRE)
Essentially it looks like a European Championships rematch with the addition of Jessica Lopez. None of the gymnasts competing finished in the top 8 at the world championships, but all of them have a similar skill level. I’m very excited to see what Raluca Haidu looks like, since she has not competed since the World Championships. Another interesting story line will be that of the European silver and bronze medalists, Seitz and Racea, competing on neutral ground.
Full Twist will be live blogging from the event, which will start at 6:00 PM in Glasgow (the men’s event starts at noon). The Couch Gymnast posted a link to live streaming. It’s a little bit tricky, but to get rid of the ad on the screen you need to enter fullscreen. To do so, click near the bottom of the full screen button.
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