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European Floor- Results and Videos

April 10, 2011
Name Total Difficulty Execution Neutral
1 Sandra Izbasa 14.5 5.8 8.7
2 Diana Chelaru 14.475 5.9 8.575
3 Yulia Belokobilskaya 14.45 5.9 8.55
4 Beth Tweddle 14.3 6 8.3
5 Julie Croket 14.275 5.6 8.675
6 Carlotta Ferlito 14.05 5.5 8.55
7 Anna Dementyeva 13.95 5.7 8.25
8 Tunde Csillag 13.15 5.3 7.95 0.1

Izbasa was very impressive today and deserved her title. She started out with a huge full in and triple full to stag jump. Her last two tumbling runs were not as precise (1 1/2 to rudi to awkward beat jump, 2 1/2 to front tuck/layout full), but were pretty well performed. Chelaru slightly overrotated her whip+triple and performed a somewhat sloppy stag jump out of her double tuck, but was entertaining as always and stuck her double pike dismount. Belokobilskaya performed a solid routine, and could have won a very surprising gold if she had managed to jump out of her 2 1/2 twist. Still, especially with Mustafina out, this result strengthens her chance at making the team for the World Championships.

Tweddle performed the best floor routine I’ve seen from her since mid-2010. It was not perfect, but she attempted most of her tumbling (she left out jumps out of passes), which was impressive because of her recent injury. Croket was delightful as always, but tiny hops on all of her passes probably cost her a medal. Ferlito performed a good routine without the difficulty of the top contenders. She did not perform a triple Y turn. Dementyeva had issues with her tumbling, with low landings on her triple full and her full in. Csillag started off well with piked and tucked full ins, but couldn’t keep it up and ended her routine by going out of bounds.

Congratulations to all of the medalists!

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