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European Beam- Results and Videos

April 10, 2011
Name Total Difficulty Execution
1 Anna Dementyeva 15.35 6.7 8.65
2 Carlotta Ferlito 14.5 5.9 8.6
3 Elisabetta Preziosa 14.325 5.9 8.425
4 Julie Croket 14.15 5.9 8.25
5 Ariella Kaeslin 14.125 5.9 8.225
6 Vasiliki Millousi 13.8 5.5 8.3
7 Marta Pihan-Kulesza 12.85 5.9 6.95
8 Hannah Whelan 11.95 5.7 6.25

I’ve been posting videos on my youtube channel betweentheolympics, but I unfortunately only was able to record Dementyeva, Preziosa and  Croket.

Dementyeva’s beam was the best routine I’ve ever seen her do. There were tiny wobbles and hesitations, but nothing major and her dismount looked fully rotated. Preziosa’s routine was pretty until she got to her signature spin and nearly fell. Croket’s routine was nice and clean until her dismount, which was underrotated, causing her to take a big step forward. I have not seen the other routines, but congratulations to Carlotta Ferlito for winning a medal in her first major senior competition! I predicted that she would be the top new senior here, and without a doubt she was, with the silver on beam, fifth in the all around and sixth on floor.

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