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European Championships Floor- Preview

April 9, 2011

I’m going to structure this differently than my other previews because I know who is in the finals. To start, here are the preliminary rankings. I removed Mustafina from the list.

1. Sandra Izbasa- 14.6

2. Diana Chelaru- 14.4 (14.55 in all around)

3. Yulia Belokobilskaya- 14.275

4. Anna Dementyeva- 14.025 (14.475 in all around)

5. Julie Croket- 13.95 (14.175 in all around)

6. Carlotta Ferlito- 13.85 (13.9 in all around)

7. Beth Tweddle- 13.85

8. Tunde Csillag- 13.775

Sandra Izbasa and Diana Chelaru are the obvious medal favorites. They are consistent with strong tumbling. Izbasa’s routine is a little bit less difficult, but I would love her to win. Her dance is more mature and she has finally managed to do a front layout full out of her last pass, which is quite impressive. Chelaru has looked good on floor throughout the championships. It will be interesting to see if she attempts her double layout tomorrow.

Belokobilskaya and Dementyeva occupied 3rd and 4th place in prelims, and could repeat that in finals. Both have somewhat sloppy legs twisting, but have nice, elegant routines. Belokobilskaya has more difficulty, but Dementyeva is typically more consistent. I really think that Belokobilskaya this year is in a very similar position to Dementyeva last year: the overshadowed junior who is inconsistent in major events.

In my opinion, despite their preliminary results, they are in no way guaranteed a medal if they hit. I would love it if Julie Croket won a bronze (or more!) for Belgium. She has very strong, clean tumbling, including a piked full in and a 2 1/2 into front layout full combination, and interesting dance. I somewhat doubt that she can outscore the Russians due to lower difficulty, but she has a chance if she has clean landings like she did in the all around.

Beth Tweddle is the two time defending champion, but I doubt she’ll win again tomorrow. She is, however, capable of one of if not the most difficult routine out of all of the gymnasts. She is returning from a concussion, and has been struggling on floor ever since last year’s world championships where she failed to make the final. If she manages to hit her routine, she can medal. She seems to be going into the final with the goal of just doing as well as she can and seeing where it gets her.

The last two gymnasts are Carlotta Ferlito and Tunde Csillag, neither of which I think have a chance of winning a medal due to relative lack of difficulty. I am hoping that Ferlito will attempt the triple Y turn again and make it all the way around; she was very close to fully rotating it in prelims. I know next to nothing about Csillag’s floor, but she seems to lack difficulty. At worlds, one of her passes was a front full.

Official Prediction:
1. Sandra Izbasa
2. Diana Chelaru
3. Anna Dementyeva

New Beam Prediction (since 3/4 of the gymnasts in my original prediction won’t compete):
1. Anna Dementyeva
2. Elisabetta Preziosa
3. Carlotta Ferlito

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  1. theworldgymnast1 permalink
    April 10, 2011 8:05 AM

    I don’t think Julia Belokobilskaya will medal, the only thing impressive about her right now is her name if I can be honest.

    • April 10, 2011 11:02 AM

      Well, she did medal, and would have won gold if she jumped out of her 2 1/2. She has a lot of good qualities, but needs to work on consistency. I think she has 6.0 difficulty if she hits everything, which is pretty impressive.

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