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European Bars- Results and Videos

April 9, 2011
Name Total Difficulty Execution
1 Beth Tweddle 15.1 6.7 8.4
2 Tatiana Nabieva 15.075 6.3 8.775
3 Kim Bui 14.675 6.2 8.475
4 Anna Dementyeva 14.475 5.8 8.675
5 Elisabeth Seitz 14.175 6.4 7.775
6 Aagje Vanwalleghem 14.075 6 8.075
7 Celine Van Gerner 13.975 5.8 8.175
8 Vanessa Ferrari 12.85 5.8 7.05

Links to videos will be added to the results as they appear.

I was not really all that impressed with Tweddle’s bars. She missed tons of handstands and did not do any of her upgrades. That is clearly reflected in the score; she beat Nabieva by only .025, but had a difficulty score that was .4 higher. Nabieva, though, apparently clipped her feet on the bar on her Nabieva (I didn’t notice it). Bui had a lot of leg separations, but I like the composition of her routine. I actually thought it was a bit of a toss up between her and Dementyeva, and was surprised that she finished so far ahead, but I missed the first half of Dementyeva’s routine.

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