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Russian Junior Championships All Around

April 2, 2011

This document has been posted on the Russian Gymnastics Federations website, which I believe is the all around results. It seems like the prelims and finals scores were added together to determine the champion. If only the final scores counted, Sidorova actually won. I’m sure the true results will be confirmed by the girl’s websites soon.

Grishina barely held on to her 1.5 point lead over Sidorova, winning by .3 after what seems like a disaster on beam (13.35). It is obvious from the scores that bonus lead to her 60.025 yesterday; her beam score was 15.95 for a decent routine and her bars score was 15.8 with 6.3 difficulty. Despite the low scores on beam and bars, she was able to increase her vault and floor scores to 14.5 and 14.55.

Bars lost Sidorova the title- she was first on every other event at the end of the competition, but third, over four points below Grishina on bars. Her most impresive scores came on floor yesterday (14.8) and beam today (16.25). She has become a lot more solid than Grishina on this event. I would probably put her up in team finals over Grishina at the moment, even though she had trouble hitting this year.

Rodionova passed Kristina Sidorova for the bronze, with a high score of 14.225 on beam, which is now her best event if she hits. She used to do a low standing arabian, but connecting it to a backhandspring seems to have solved the height problems. Other beam that, their scores were pretty much even. They were both over eleven points behind the leaders.

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