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Doha Floor Results

April 1, 2011

The results for floor from the Doha Challenger Cup are in! The beam finals have also been completed, but unfortunately the link lead to the results for bars.


Name Total D E
1 Yao Jinnan 14.2 5.6 8.6
2 Ashleigh Brennan 13.3 5.3 8
3 Daniele Matias Hypolito 13.25 5.3 7.95
3 Jocelyn Hunt 13.25 5.1 8.15
5 Gaelle Mys 13.1 5.3 7.8
5 Christine Lee 13.1 5.1 8
7 Tan Sixin 12.95 5.4 7.55
8 Larissa Miller 12.15 5.4 6.75

Yao Jinnan, with the highest difficulty and execution, easily won this final. The rest of the field was pretty weak. Brennan, Hypolito and Hunt all had low difficulty and unremarkable execution, but still managed to medal. Tan Sixin, who qualified second, likely fell.

Videos with all the routines have appeared from yesterday’s competition!



Tan Sixin handstands look better than last year and she has added a new healy 1/2+tkachev combination. She left out a couple of pirouettes in this routine, but was credited with 6.7 in prelims.

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