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Grishina On Top in Prelims at Russian Junior Championships

March 31, 2011

Anastasia Grishina seems to have put a couple of falls at Jesolo behind her, and scored 60.025 all around in the prelims of the junior championships. That is, of course, with somewhat inflated scores due to bonus in domestic competitions, which usually seems to add up to about a point (Mustafina scored 62.271 at last years Russian Cup, for example).

The top 3 gymnasts were as follows:
1. Anastasia Grishina 60.025
2. Anastasia Sidorova 58.650
3. Kristina Sidorova 53.000

I have not seen any more complete results so far. You can view a photo gallery of the competition here.

Grishina was also awarded the title Master of Sport of Russia, International Class prior to the competition. You can watch a video of her receiving the award here. It also includes an interview with her and a few clips of her on beam, where she performed roudoff+layout to two feet and onodi+illusion turn. Her website posted a translation of the interview:

This is a significant event. I waited awarding the Title of Master of Sport International Class a very long time, because I had a very long time without performance.Wins never come easily and of course European Champion is the happiest of my victories.

If I’ll go quietly, I hope I win.

I wish to all a good luck in the competition so that all passed quietly, and everyone will all right, and most importantly without injury!


Update: Grishinagan has started posting videos! Here is Grishina’s floor, where she lands her double arabian and adds new pass of 1 1/2+rudi+stag jump.

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  1. April 1, 2011 2:22 PM

    I love her.

    I would like to think she has the cleanest triple twist of all the Russian’s – maybe even Komova.

    • April 1, 2011 3:13 PM

      I love her too, although I think I enjoyed her more last year. I’m mad about her choreography. Couldn’t they have put the memmel (or the double L) where the triple turn used to be and the switch 1/2 where the simple split leap is? Then there would have been no reason to get rid of any of that dance that made me fall in love with her floor routine.

      I agree that her that her triple twist is the cleanest on the Russian team. Komova crosses her legs a tiny bit, Grishina doesn’t.


  1. Russian Jr Champion – Grishina 60.025 — Gymnastics

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