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Mustafina Wins Three Titles at French International

March 20, 2011

Today, Aliya Mustafina and Russia dominated the finals at the French International, where Mustafina won gold medals on vault, bars and beam and Russia won half of the medals overall.

Mustafina and Nabieva went 1-2 on vault, both competing double twisting yurchenkos for their first vaults. Mustafina went for a more difficult second vault, the yurchenko 1/2 on front layout full off, which allowed her to beat Nabieva who lead in qualifications. Chelaru was third with a double twisting yurchenko and a front pike. Khwela was fourth. Click here for full results.

Mustafina went on to win bars with a 15.733 over Huang. She competed her normal routine instead of the upgraded routine she has been training. Huang also competed the same routine she has recently been competing, without the “Huang.” Seitz was third after catching her def and church. Nabieva was fourth. Click here for full results.

After the first three finalists fell, the door was open for Mustafina to win her third gold of the competition. She was a bit shaky, but stayed on which was enough to win gold by over a point. The other finalists all fell on their layout to two feet. Because there were only four gymnasts in the final, Porgras and Dementyeva both won medals. Mitchell finished fourth. Click here for full results.

Romanians Sandra Izbasa and Diana Chelaru finished first and second on floor with their re-organized routines that seem to be working very well for them. Ferrari fell, allowing Dementyeva to take her second bronze of the day. Click here for full results.

Click here for quick hits from gymnastics examiner.

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