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Training Videos from French International

March 18, 2011

First, I’d like to thank The Couch Gymnast for finding most of these videos.

Here’s Vault 1, Vault 2, Bars 1 and Bars 2 from  on youtube. Notable things: Nabieva’s Amanar attempt was underrotated and ugly. Her Podkopayeva was nice, and it looks like she may put an extra half twist in it. Mustafina did an okay DTY (no Amanars) and sat down a 1/2 on front “layout” full. Chelaru sat down a front pike before landing it. Nabieva is not connecting her release and is not doing any piked stalders. Her dismount is no longer in combination. This will cause a huge drop in her difficulty score. Lopez did not catch her jaeger, but I would probably give it credit as a layout. He’s bars looked good, besides the form break on her pak salto. Huang is still hitting most handstands beautifully in training, and performed the Huang here. Porgras now has a very nice ono and a piked jaeger!

Many gymnasts in the training gym Thursday:

Porgras on bars and Mustafina on beam. Notable things: Porgras’s ono which seems to hit handstand consistently from the two videos I’ve seen and Mustafina’s arabian backhandspring combination. She can now have a 7.1 difficulty score on beam if she hits everything.

Deng Linlin’s beam (layout and dismount):

Jessica Lopez’s beam:

Gymnastics Examiner has also posted some great footage here. If you are going to watch just one video, watch Mustafina’s new combination, where she does her usual series into a pak salto then goes directly into a stalder shaposhnikova 1/2. I’ve watched it at least seven times and it hasn’t gotten old. Izbasa’s new floor routine, which includes two new passes (triple twist to stag jump and 1 1/2 to rudi) is also worth watching.

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