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March 17, 2011

I somehow managed to completely ignore this competition as it was happening, but here are some of my favorite videos.

Angel Romaeo’s floor from event finals. Not the most difficult, but she’s a very good dancer for her age! Her beam was also very solid, with a nice switch leap front aerial backhandspring layout stepout combination.

Gabrielle Jupp’s beam from event finals. She has a nice double turn and good form.

Madeline Gardiner’s beam from event finals. I love the turn to a split and the switch leg side aerial.

Julie Croket’s floor from event finals. She is a clean tumbler with good difficulty and interesting dance. Hopefully she will make the event finals at the European Championships. I also like her handspring front tuck full vault.

Jessica Savona’s floor from event finals. She competed a new dos santos, along with a 1 1/2 to double tuck combination and a full in. She can definitely tumble!

Victoria Moors’s floor from the all around. Stuck double double and great dance! Her vault and beam are also worth watching.

Ekaterina Baturina’s floor from the all around. She is very very elegant for a thirteen year old, but needs to upgrade her tumbling. Her beam also has potential. I love that she does not go to the corner before her double tuck on floor and stands in the middle of the beam before taking one step into her double tuck dismount.

Sabrina Gill’s floor from event finals. She has original choreography and pulls it off very nicely.

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