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Yao Wins More Gold at Cottbus

March 13, 2011

Yao Jinnian continued to be successful in her international debut, performing two nearly flawless routines to end the competition with three gold medals. Yao has wonderful form and has proved that she is very consistent this weekend. She is a very strong all around gymnast as well; she performs a clean double twisting yurchenko on vault.

Celine Van Gerner won the silver medal on beam with a clean routine that included some upgrades. She could be in contention for a medal at europeans with this routine.

The leader from prelims, Vasiliki Millousi, won the bronze on beam with another solid routine. It’s impressive that she is a 26 year old Sydney olympian and is still winning medals at these events.

Tan Sixin tied with Elisabeth Seitz for the silver medal on floor. Tan had a disappointing debut on bars and beam, failing to make finals, and performed a slightly watered down routine here. Nevertheless, she earned the highest execution score of the day on floor.

Click here for full beam results and here for full floor results.

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