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Cottbus Event Finals, Day 1

March 12, 2011

Germany’s Oksana Chusovitina and China’s Yao Jinnan won gold medals on vault and bars today at the Cottbus Cup. Chusovitina performed a handspring front layout full and a tsukahara 1.5 for an average of 14.312. Yao performed a good routine with a shaposhnikova-pak combination, beautiful pirouettes, a piked jaeger and a double layout dismount but missed some handstands for a 14.775. Switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber was second on vault with a rudi and tsukahara full and German newcomer Nadine Jarosch was third with a clean yurchenko 1.5 and front pike. Germany’s Elisabeth Seitz caught her def and church for the highest difficulty score of the day but had some form breaks and won the silver medal on bars. Kim Bui was third with a routine that included a maloney 1/2.

Click here for the full vault results and here for the full bars results. You can see videos of most routines on DrMtzLizama‘s youtube channel. You can watch Yao Jinnan’s bars routine here.

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