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Cottbus Prelims

March 11, 2011

The prelims of the Cottbus Cup took place today. Although it seems like there were a lot of missed routines, it looks like it was an exciting competition.

This was the senior international debut of five of the gymnasts I featured in my post New Seniors For 2011, Yulia Belokobilskaya, Natsumi Sasada, Tan Sixin, Yao Jinnan and Maria Livchikova. Belokobilskaya performed difficult routines all around, but made mistakes on beam and floor. Her results here are decent, but don’t stand out. Sasada probably had a good day, qualifying for bars and beam finals. Her floor, though, has been pretty weak since last year, and she only had a 5.2 difficulty score which is surprising for somebody who has performed a double double. Tan had a rough competition on bars and beam, but redeemed herself somewhat with a strong floor routine. She was pretty consistent as a junior, so hopefully this was just a fluke. Yao had a pretty amazing competition, especially since this was not only her senior debut, but also her international debut. She qualified first on bars, second on floor and fourth on beam (with a fall)! Livchikova did not make any finals, but the competition reports raved about her. It seems like her routines were pretty much the same as they were last year. Other gymnasts making their senior debut were Nadine Jarosch, Sophia Serseri and Kristina Kruglikova.

Many veterans also had very good competitions. Oksana Chusovitina landed a front layout full and tsukahara full on vault for first place. Following her were Giulia Steingruber who landed a rudi and Ekaterina Kurbatova who seems to have downgraded her vaults a lot since worlds. Celine Van Gerner qualified to three finals with impressive scores. Elisabeth Seitz, who is coming back from an injury, qualified third into bars finals and her teammate, Kim Bui, also returning from an injury, was fourth. Greek veteran Vasiliki Millousi qualified first on beam ahead of Israel’s Valeria Maksiuta.

Below are the results for the event finalists. Click on the apparatus name to view full results.

1. Chusovitina GER 14.137 (5.9/5.2)
2. Steingruber SUI 13.987 (6.3/5.2)
3. Kurbatova RUS 13.537 (5.0/5.2)
4. Toth HUN 13.512 (5.0/5.0)
5. Wagner SWE 13.500 (5.0/4.9)
6. Jarosch GER 13.487 (5.3/4.6)
7. Khwela RSA 13.462 (5.3/5.0)
8. Pinto Adasme CHI 13.450 (5.2/5.0)

1. Yao CHN 14.625 (6.4)
2. Van Gerner NED 14.500 (6.0)
3. Seitz GER 14.400 (6.4)
4. Bui GER 14.225 (6.1)
5. Belokobylskaya RUS 14.225 (6.1)
6. Sikulova CZE 13.850 (5.9)
7. Palesova CZE 13.825 (5.5)
8. Sasada JPN 13.775 (6.1)

1. Millousi GRE 14.425 (6.0)
2. Maksiuta ISR 14.350 (5.8)
3. Van Gerner NED 14.325 (6.0)
4. Yao CHN 14.125 (6.1)
5. Serseri FRA 13.850 (5.4)
6. Sasada JPN 13.725 (5.6)
7. Kruglikova RUS 13.725 (6.0)
8. Vanwalleghem BEL 13.700 (5.5)

1. Tan CHN 13.950 (5.3)
2. Yao CHN 13.850 (5.6)
3. Jarosch GER 13.750 (5.5)
4. Van Gerner NED 13.725 (5.4)
5. Hunt GBR 13.500 (5.2)
6. Seitz GER 13.450 (5.5)
7. Brennan AUS 13.400 (5.3)
8. Serseri FRA 13.300 (5.1)

You can view quick hits in German here, reports in English and German here and a report from the Gymnastics Examiner here.

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