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Cool New Skill From Aja Monet-Sims

March 6, 2011

Gymnastike has posted many videos from this weekend’s Northern Lights Classic, including one labeled “Brandy Johnsons (Aja Monet-Sims) – 9.60 new skill!” The new skill is pretty awesome; it’s a weiler kip directly into a Comaneci! The rest of the routine is average, but that has to be one of the most interesting skills I’ve ever seen on bars.

The Comaneci is pretty rare nowadays, likely because since it comes out of a kip, it is almost impossible to connect it to anything. The idea to put it together with a weiler kip is ingenious. Aja was interviewed after the meet, and said that the idea to connect the skills came up when she was working on a weiler 1/2 bail combination and a Comaneci, which can watch here. She says she has been to camp once and is focusing on level 10 now, but once the level 10 season is over she would like to go back to camp and try for elite.

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