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Russian Championships Event Finals, Day 1

February 26, 2011

The first two event finals took place today at the Russian Championships, and Tatiana Nabieva won both.

1. Tatiana Nabieva – 14.475
2. Anna Pavlova – 14.413
3. Alena Polyan – 13.850

Uneven Bars:
1. Tatiana Nabieva – 15.600
2. Anna Dementyeva – 14.725
3. Viktoria Komova – 14.525

Click here for full results in Russian.

It looks like Nabieva made the most of competing two events here. I’m going to guess that these results will secure her a spot at Europeans, but you never know. Dementyeva had another great day on uneven bars. I am very impressed with her consistency throughout this Championship. It looks like she missed in vault finals, but all of her other scores have been great, especially when they are compared to her scores at the Russian Cup last year which were for the most part 13s.

Anna Pavlova’s vault score is decent, but I have a feeling that she is still struggling with her second vault. Her performance here overall has been great; she’s won three out of four possible medals so far! Viktoria Komova hasn’t been living up to expectations so far at this competition, and had even more trouble today. Bars was the event she was scoring 16s on, and now it looks like she fell at least once. She really has to get it together before Europeans.

Beam and Floor finals will wrap up the competition tomorrow.

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