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WOGA Classic Videos (Seniors)

February 21, 2011

The videos of the seniors who competed at the WOGA Classic, along with my thoughts on the routines and the gymnasts. Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble embedding gymnastike videos, so you have to click on the links to see most of the videos. I will add on to this list if I see more videos.

Marine Brevet won the senior division with a score of 55.25. Her high score came on beam, which she won with a 14.35. She competed some nice skills and combinations including a Y turn and a side aerial+side somi combination, and paired it with decent choreography. Her floor routine started off very well with a beautiful piked full in and good choreography by today’s standards, but she unfortunately fell on her double pike and recorded her lowest score of the meet, 13.25 (and still finished third on floor). Marine will probably make the European Championship team for France in April, and will be in contention for one of France’s all around spots as well as possible spots in beam and floor finals.


Briley Casanova was third in the senior division with a score of 54.15. Her bars routine was simple but clean, and scored 13.4. She has upgraded beam since nationals, and looked pretty confident for a score of 13.8 (intended difficulty of 5.9). Briley was a national team member for two years as a junior but did not make the senior national team this year after lackluster performances. It would be tough for her to make it again, but she certainly looks like she is improving.


Sophia Lee was fourth after winning in 2009. Her vault was a clean yurchenko full, which could possibly be upgraded if she intends to continue competing at the elite level. I would assume from her bars score of 12.95 that she fell, since it is her best apparatus. She competed a double layout on floor.

Anysia Unick of Canada was fifth all around. Her bars routine is not all that difficult, but she has some interesting skills (a clear hip hecht up to the high bar instead of a stalder shoot, for example). Her beam is also full of interesting skills, including a triple turn which she fell on here. At the Nadia Comaneci Invitational, she competed a tousek, but that was not shown on this video. She won floor.


Youth Olympian Madeline Gardiner was sixth all around in her second senior meet. The difference between 3rd and 6th for her was her two falls on bars. She seems to struggle a lot with her jaeger- at the youth olympics, she slammed her face on the bar and could not continue her routine.

Mira Boumejmajen, another new senior, was clean but a bit wobbly and unspectacular on beam until her double pike dismount, where she put her hands down. The clear highlight of her meet was a 14.45 on bars, where she finished second.


Brenda Nabarro was eighth. She looked alright on floor until she sat down the punch front at the end of her second. She also lacked a requirement, which caused her score to go down to 11.8, despite a clean routine besides the fall.


Alexa Moreno competed a wonderful handspring front pike 1/2 vault. It isn’t very difficult and she had almost no control on the landing, but how often do you see a primary vault that isn’t a yurchenko? Her bars were lacking a bit in polish. She didn’t hold the handstand enough on her bail for it to be clear if her feet would have separated before the toe-shoot, and she had a little knee bend on one of her giants. The recorder of the video said that she competed a deltchev, though, which gives her extra points in my book.


Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto competed a layout yurchenko that looked a bit odd to me, and apparently the judges who only gave her a 12.1. She seems to whip her body around, which isn’t very aesthetically pleasing.


The was Jordyn Wieber’s senior debut, and she just looked okay, to be honest. Bars were pretty good, but she needs to work on her handstands and her dismount, which is pretty severely piked. I do like the second weiler kip. Her beam routine was wobbly, and she fell on her layout step-out. Oddly, she hit the full twist perfectly but wobbled or paused on all of her aerials. She has changed her dismount to a 2 1/2 twist, which looses her .2 in difficulty, but it is possible that she will upgrade it to a triple twist in the future. Having said that, there is no reason for her to be peaking right now, and good for her for competing after her injuries at nationals even if she isn’t in the best form of her life.

Look for a similar post about the juniors tomorrow.

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