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WOGA Classic

February 19, 2011

International Gymnast Magazine blogged about the event on facebook.Senior All Around:1. Marine Brevet FRA 55.250
2. Brandy Jay GKs/USA 54.200
3. Briley Casanova 54.150
4. Sophia Lee WOGA/USA
5. Anysia Unick Calgary/CAN
6. Madeline Gardiner Cambridge Kips/CAN
7. Mira Boumejmajen FRA
8. Brenda Areli Medina Gym Areba/MEX

Junior All Around

1. Katelyn Ohashi WOGA/USA 56.850
2. Madison Kocian WOGA/USA 56.600
3. Arianna Guerra Stars-TX/USA 55.400
4. Mackenzie Brannan Capital-TX/USA
5. Victoria Moors Cambridge Kips/CAN
6. Lizzy LeDuc WOGA/USA
7. Anne Kuhn FRA

Katelyn Ohashi showed upgrades on beam and floor. On beam, she competed a standing arabian, layout full (nailed, apparently), and a piked full in dismount for a 15.9. Her difficulty score is probably one of the highest in the world right now, and she’s only 13! She compted a front layout+double front combination on floor (sat down, unfortunately), and warmed up a 2 1/2+front 1/1 combination. She was seen training a 2 1/2+rudi combination, so hopefully that will make it into her routine sometime.

Madison Kocian competed a shaposhnikova 1/2 for the first time- hopefully this will show up in the routines of other WOGA gymnasts. Jordyn Wieber competed a weiler kip+weiler kip 1/2 combination- maybe someday she will compete a weiler kip 1/1, which would be named after her. She also competed a 2 1/2 twist dismount on beam, which is a downgrade from her current dismount but might lead to an upgrade. Ivana Hong who is returning from an injury ended up not competing.

I will post a more detailed blog entry when there are videos of the event available. Overall, it seems like it was a great first meet of the year for many of these gymnasts.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 20, 2011 11:33 PM

    what about kamerin moore

    • February 21, 2011 8:05 PM

      Kamerin was scheduled to compete in the qualifier, not the international session, but ended up competing level 10. She didn’t compete vault (so it wouldn’t have made sense for her to try and qualify, I guess). She won bars with a 9.55, was 5th on beam with a 9.9 and 7th on floor with a 9.05.

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