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Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup 2011

January 18, 2011

USA Gymnastics has posted the eight gymnasts who qualified this weekend at four different meets.

  • Amelia Hundley of Hamilton, Ohio/Cincinnati Gymnastics
  • Kayla Williams of Huntington, W.Va./Cincinnati Gymnastics
  • Brittney Sooksengdao of Olathe, Kan./McCrackens Gymnastics
  • Kaitlyn Hall of Raytown, Mo./Kansas Gymnastics and Cheer
  • Mykayla Skinner of Gilbert, Ariz./Desert Lights
  • Lauren Marinez of Orlando/Orlando Metro
  • Georgia Dabritz of Newbury Port, Mass./Ace Gymnastics
  • Katie Bailey of Kernersville, N.C./High Point Gymnastics

Now, I thought that this meet was supposed to give some attention to level 10s and give them a chance to meet their idol, Nastia Liukin. Which is why I don’t like the qualifying rules. Any gymnast who isn’t on the US National Team is allowed to compete. Even the 2009 World Vault Champion. It seems wrong to me that five of these eight gymnasts have, to my knowledge, competed as elites. It’s not that I don’t like them, but the way I see it, it is not consistent with the purpose of the meet. I’d actually like to see the best of level ten, not the lower ranked/former elites. To enforce this, I would limit qualified gymnasts to gymnasts who have never competed at the VISA Championships, Covergirl Classics or World Championships. Of course, it’s tricky, because many of these gymnasts may test elite this year.

Besides this, I think the field looks very good. Dabritz has interesting bars with a Comaneci. Williams is obviously a good vaulter, and also used to be strong on floor. Skinner has a double twisting yurchenko and a double twisting double back. I am looking forward to watching the meet which will be shown live online, and will continue posting the other qualifiers.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 24, 2011 1:50 AM

    “I’d actually like to see the best of level ten, not the lower ranked/former elites”
    Here’s another similar example. At Nationals down under in 2010 Olivia Vivian was flown in from her usual residence at college in the USA and was put in the Western Australia level 10 National team. Olivia was a member of the 2008 Australian Olympic team and a current Oregon State gymnast. Many people believe that it was very unfair and un-sportsmen like that a gymnast of her calibre was and is allowed to switch and compete in the same year, from one country to another, one stream to another. Nothing personal against her, it’s just sad and disappointing for the real level 10 girls whom for them, reaching level 10 will be the pinnacle of their sporting careers and to have her come in and compete against them was disheartening and in reality, unfair.

    • January 25, 2011 8:42 PM

      Yeah, that could be a bit unfair, especially since she wasn’t even living there at the time. I guess it’s not bad for her to stay in shape by competing, but it must be tough on the other girls. Alternatively, it would be nice in my opinion if she did what Marissa King did by coming back and helping out the team in international competition.
      But I think that this is worse. Elites dropping back to level 10 before college doesn’t bother me much, but going to this specific meet that is supposed to give kids a chance to meet their idol (many of the elites have met her), get exposure and compete on a podium (all of them have) is not right. It seems like something that would mean so much less to Kayla Williams than it would to some other level 10 gymnast who’s never going to be a world champion.


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