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New Seniors For 2011

January 8, 2011

Viktoria Komova and Jordyn Wieber headline the list of gymnast who turned senior 8 days ago. Her are profiles of them and 20 other gymnasts who were born in 1995. I obviously couldn’t include everyone, so I included those who I think have the best shot at making worlds next year along with some of my personal favorites.

Viktoria Komova

Name: Viktoria Komova
Country: Russia
Best International Results: 1st AA, VT and UB, 3rd FX 2010 Youth Olympic Games, 1st AA, VT, BB, 2nd UB 2010 Junior European Championships, 1st AA, UB, BB, 2nd VT, 3rd FX 2010 Japan Junior International, 1st AA, UB, BB, 3rd VT 2009 EYOF
Strengths: Komova is a very solid all arounder with no weak event. She is capable of putting up huge scores for Russia everywhere and is pretty consistent. I believe she is undefeated in the all around since late 2008.
Weaknesses: Komova is tiny right now, 4 foot 8 and only 68 pounds. A growth spurt could cause her to loose a lot of her skills. She is currently out with a non gymnastics related injury.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Jordyn Wieber (photo:

Name: Jordyn Wieber
Country: USA
Best International Results: 1st AA, UB, FX, 2nd VT 2010 Pacific Rim Championships, 1st AA, VT, UB, BB, FX 2009 Gymnix International, 1st AA 2009 American Cup, 1st AA, UB, BB 2008 Top Gym
Strengths: Like Komova, Wieber is a great all arounder who can help out the USA on all four events.
Weakness: Wieber has had a lot of problems with injuries. She sat out most of last year injured, and then after coming back better than ever had to sit out the end of nationals due to injury.
Videos: VT UB BB FX



Tan Sixin (photo:

Name: Tan Sixin
Country: China
Best International Results: 1st BB, FX, 2nd AA, UB 2010 Youth Olympic Games, 1st BB, 3rd FX, 4th VT, 6th AA 2010 Pacific Rim Championships, 1st UB, BB, 2nd FX, AA 2010 Junior Asian Games, 2nd BB 2009 AYOF
Strengths: Tan is a fantastic beam worker. She is very clean on floor and has high difficulty on bars.
Weaknesses: Tan usually gets low execution scores due to handstand angles and kips on bars. Her vault is not very powerful, but she has been able to upgrade to a DTY (I can’t see an Amanar from her). She doesn’t have too much difficulty on floor, but it’s a beautiful routine.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Gabrielle Douglas (Photo:

Name: Gabrielle Douglas
Country: USA
Best Internationl/National Results: 1st UB, 5th AA 2010 Pan American Championships, 2nd BB, 4th AA, VT 2010 Visa Championships
Strengths: Douglas has stated that she is training an Amanar on vault. She is good but not fantastic on every event. BUT she is a stronger all around gymnast than somebody like Maroney who has an Amanar, so that will help her.
Weaknesses: It may be hard for her to make a team final lineup. She is a bit inconsistent and does not have much international experience.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Diana Bulimar (photo:

Name: Diana Bulimar
Country: Romania
Best International Results: 2nd FX, 6th AA, 7th VT, UB 2010 Youth Olympic Games, 3rd UB, 4th AA, FX 2010 Junior European Championships, 2nd FX, 4th VT, 5th AA 2009 Top Gym
Strengths: Diana has a lot of difficulty on floor in her tumbling and leaps. Her dance is lively and energetic, but her choreography is not very sophisticated.
Weaknesses: Form on some tumbling passes, easy and not particularly well executed vault, piked body on bars, consistency and relatively low difficulty (compared to her teammates) on beam. She isn’t really worth taking to worlds for just floor when Porgras can score close to her (we saw this with Myzdrikova and Dementyeva this year)
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Natsumi Sasada

Name: Natsumi Sasada
Country: Japan
Best International Results: 4th AA, VT 2010 Youth Olympic Games, 4th VT, 6th BB 2010 Junior Asian Games, 1st UB, 4th BB 2009 AYOF
Strengths: Lots of difficulty including double twisting yurchenko, layout full beam mount and double double. Bars isn’t bad either
Weaknesses: Consistency, especially on her double twisting yurchenko. Needs to change her floor music. Her beam isn’t really all that exciting besides the mount. She did not perform her top difficulty at the youth olympics, but that was probably because of the junior rules, not because of her abilities.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Carlotta Ferlito (photo:

Name: Carlotta Ferlito
Country: Italy
Best International Results: 2nd BB, 3rd AA, VT 2010 Youth Olympic Games, 8th AA 2010 Junior European Champoinships
Strengths: Good all arounder, looks capable of a double twisting yurchenko, decent amount of power with decent artistry
Weaknesses: Difficulty and consistency on bars. Choreography on floor (she does perform it well).
Videos: VT UB BB FX



Ana Sofia Gomez Porras

Name: Ana Sofia Gomez Porras
Country: Guatamala
Best International Results: 4th BB, FX, 5th AA 2010 Youth Olympic Games
Strengths: A decent amount of  difficulty everywhere except vault. The little Guatemalan has a good chance at making a few finals at worlds next year- she shouldn’t have any trouble making the team.
Weaknesses: Coming from a weak country is not always good; it may hurt her scores a bit. She needs more polish, especially on vault.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

McKayla Maroney (photo: Gymnastics Examiner)

Name: McKayla Maroney
Country: USA
Best National/International Results: 1st VT, FX 2010 Pan American Championships, 1st VT 2010 Junior Nationals
Strengths: Has stuck an Amanar and is apparently attempting triple twisting yurchenkos.
Weaknesses: Not much experience, weak on every apparatus besides vault. This gives her a decent shot at 2011, but not 2012 unless she gets the triple.
Videos: VT UB BB FX



McKenzie Wofford (photo:

Name: McKenzie Wofford
Country: USA
Best International Results: 1st UB, BB, 2nd AA, FX, 3rd VT 2010 Bumbo Cup
Strengths: Performed well at her first international meet, has potential on bars and beam
Weaknesses: Has generally been inconsistent and lacks experience; needs boost in difficulty
Videos: VT UB BB FX



Name: Yoshino Taniguchi
Country: Japan
Best International Results: 1st AA, 2nd VT 2010 Junior Asian Games, 6th AA 2010 Jesolo Grand Prix, 3rd VT, 4th UB, 5th BB 2009 AYOF
Strengths: Double twisting yurchenko, good all around, nice floor (does a better job with her 2004 throwback music than Sasada)
Weaknesses: Weakish bars, not much experience, a bit low on difficulty scores.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Name: Asuka Teramoto
Country: Japan
Best International Results: 8th AA 2010 Jesolo Grand Prix, 2nd UB, BB 2010 Junior Asian Games, 1st FX, 3rd AA, 4th VT, UB, 5th BB 2010 WOGA Classic
Strengths: Double twisting yurchenko, high difficulty everywhere
Weaknesses: Not much experience.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Name: Yao Jinnan
Country: China
Strengths: Strong double twisting yurchenko, good beam with standing full and layout to two feet, typical Chinese bars
Weaknesses: Her second vault :), lacks international experience
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Name: Maria Livchikova
Country: Ukraine
Best National Results: 1st FX, 2nd BB, 3rd VT 2010 Ukraine Cup
Strengths: Double twisting yurchenko (the only one I know of in Ukraine), Nice combinations on beam, good legs together double front on floor
Weaknesses: Has been out since early this year, presumably with an injury, does not have much international experience, weak on bars, her third tumbling pass, inconsistent like you’d expect from a Ukrainian.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Yulia Belokobilskaya (photo: Gymnastics United)

Name: Yulia Belokobilskaya
Country: Russia
Best National/International Results: 2nd FX, 6th AA 2010 Voronin Cup, 1st AA 2010 Blanc-Mesnil International Tournament, 2nd BB, 5th VT, 7th FX, 9th AA 2010 Russian Cup, 3rd FX, 7th VT, 8th AA 2009 Gymnix
Strengths: Pretty good on beam and floor, beautiful choreography, recently added some major upgrades on bars.
Weaknesses: Inconsistent, trying to make a deep team without much experience, only vaults a yurchenko full, doesn’t really stand out anywhere as one of the top 3, messy twists.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Maria Paseka (photo: Gymnastics United

Name: Maria Paseka
Country: Russia
Best National/International Results: 2nd VT 2010 Junior European Championships
Strengths: Potentially upgradable vault with good form
Weaknesses: Average on bars, beam and floor, not too much experience
Videos: VT UB BB FX



Madelina Neagu

Name: Madalina Neagu
Country: Romania
Best International Results: Qualified for beam final at 2010 Junior European Championships
Strengths: Elegant beam worker, Used to be a good tumbler.
Weaknesses: Always seems to be injured, and is therefore inexperienced
Videos: VT UB BB FX



Laura Mitchell (photo:

Name: Laura Mitchell
Country: Great Britain
Best International Results:  14th AA 2010 Junior European Championships (qualified for YOG)
Strengths: One of the better British all arounders, solid on beam which could help her team.
Weaknesses: Inexperienced, lacks difficulty all around.
Videos: VT UB BB FX




Tess Moonen (photo: Alan Edwards)

Name: Tess Moonen
Country: Netherlands
Best International Results: 5th UB, 6th FX, 8th AA 2010 Youth Olympic Games, 3rd BB, 9th AA 2010 Junior European Championships
Strengths: Good, clean all around gymnast with pretty much difficulty (compared to her teammates) who could help the improving Dutch team.
Weaknesses: Inconsistent, still competing “junior” skills including a C rated bars, beam and floor dismounts.
Videos: VT UB BB FX


Mikaela Gerber

Name: Mikaela Gerber
Country: Canada
Best National Results: 1st FX 2010 Elite Canada
Strengths: Good on floor, pretty elegant with original work. Could certainly help team Canada.
Weaknesses: I realized while watching her floor that she has Olga Strazheva’s 1989 floor music. Not okay. Only vaults a layout yurchenko.
Videos: VT UB BB FX




Madeline Gardiner

Name: Madeline Gardiner
Country: Canada
Best International Results: 5th VT, 8th UB, 13th AA 2010 Youth Olympic Games
Strengths: Good presentation and form- what you would expect from one of Elvira Saadi’s gymnasts. Strong all around.
Weaknesses: Do I hear dark eyes in her floor music? It’s getting quite old. She certainly isn’t as consistent as Saadi would like her to be.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

Angela Donald

Name: Angela Donald
Country: Australia
Best International Results: 3rd BB, 4th UB, 7th AA 2010 Youth Olympic Games
Strengths: Beautiful beam worker with good form.
Weaknesses: Could use more difficulty to improve her chances at making it onto the senior team.
Videos: VT UB BB FX

6 Comments leave one →
  1. January 10, 2011 9:41 PM

    when speaking of Mikaela Gerber she has the same floor music as another gymnast and that its not okay, many gymnast have previous gymnast floor music and sometimes its gymnast that they look up to. I don’t think they should be looked down on because they don’t have their own floor music

  2. January 10, 2011 10:33 PM

    That’s true. I got a bit annoyed about it because I was enjoying the routine until I noticed it; it is very very hard to live up to a Soviet gymnast on floor, and her choreography it just not in the same class, even though it’s not bad for today’s standards. I don’t really hold it against her though. She seems like a sweet, hardworking girl, although I highly doubt she knows who Strazheva is. I guess it’s possible, for many reasons including the fact that I assume she used to be coached by Saadi, who was coaching in the Soviet Union when Strazheva was competing.
    That is just one of those songs that makes me think of a certain gymnast, which I mentioned a few times during this post. I enjoy it much more that Sasada’s routine- I don’t not like it not because I love Patterson’s so much, but because Sasada’s has almost no choreography at all, and when she is dancing she looks almost lost out there. Plus, it’s much more likely that somebody would associate the music with Patterson than realize that somebody is using the 3rd or 4th best Soviet’s music from 1989. It’s also nowhere near as bad as somebody trying something like Omelianchik’s birdie music, which I actually cannot imagine.

  3. Musicianie permalink
    January 15, 2011 2:38 PM

    The big thing about Gabrielle Douglas is her recent coaching changes. Chow can help take out the kinks and cultivate her gymnastics (hopefully). Truth is, no one will really know how big of an impact it will have made until her next competition (most likely Classics).

    • January 15, 2011 4:34 PM

      True. I think she’ll probably have an Amanar this year, since I read on her facebook page that she landed it in July. She’s also said that she has new bars skills and a new floor routine. None of her routines this year are TF worthy, in my opinion, but she might be able to get there.


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