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Interviews: Ohashi and Grishina

December 26, 2010

International Gymnast Magazine has given everybody a gift by interviewing many top gymnasts about their plans for Christmas, their thoughts about this year and their plans for next year.

Katelyn Ohashi told IG that she will be taking off Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Sunday (today), before returning to WOGA in Texas. This is, of course, because she has to get her Ono. It’s not a huge surprise that she’s working on it, since she is one of the few US gymnasts who uses eagle grip in her routine. She is working on the combination “inside-Stalder blind to elgrip, front giant, full Ono.” Hopefully someday, she’ll get rid of the front giant and add a Jaeger after the Ono. The interview also mentions the Ohashi debuted her standing arabian at the Bumbo cup earlier this month. This is no surprise, considering that the arabian is one of the most popular skills with the WOGA elites. Bross, Kocian, Leduc, Baumann and McLaughlin all perform them in their beam routines. But these aren’t the only new skills that Ohashi has been training; in an interview with Rebecca Bross a month ago, it was reported that Ohashi is training a 2 1/2+Rudi combination on floor. Assuming that it is a layout rudi, I believe that she will be the first woman to compete this combination. Actually, somebody on the Russian Gymnastics Forum said here that Irina Sazonova performed the combination at the Voronin Cup, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Here 2 1/2+Front Layout combination wasn’t even that good.

Grishina’s story is a little bit different. We don’t here about any major upgrades, or even minor ones. Of course, she’s Russian, and the Russians are the ones who hid videos of their nationals so nobody would see Nabieva and Mustafina’s Amanars (or the other routines). Grishina is planning on partying on New Years Eve. The 14-year-old will stay out until 5 or 6 in the morning! She has plans to spend the Russian Christmas (January 7th) with her family. She informed us all that she is also a good student; she received 13 As and 4 Bs! For anybody who is worried about her injury, she said that she has recovered and plans to compete at the Russian Championships in March. Unfortunately, Grishina was born on January 16th, so she misses competing as a senior in 2011 by 16 days. Fortunately, gymnasts who turn senior in the next year are able to compete as seniors at the Russian Championships (Komova won this year), so we will be able to see how Grishina and Sidorova stack up to gymnasts like Mustafina, Komova, Nabieva, Dementyeva, Afanasyeva and Semenova before the Olympic year.

Sources: (Ohashi Interview/Grishina Interview)

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